Vernia or not Vernia, with Giovanni Vernia

Milano – Thursday 18 November 2021 at 20.45 la 2021/2022 season of the Manzoni Theater in Milan continues in the name of comedy with Giovanni Vernia and his show Vernia or not Vernia, written by Giovanni Vernia and Paolo Uzzi, with the collaboration of the texts by Pablo Solari; directed by Giampiero Solari and Paola Galassi.

Milano – Anyone who knows Giovanni Vernia associates his name with the irresistible masks with which he conquered TV and the web. In this show the artist tells where his comic madness comes from. His is an inner demon, who begins to appear as a child, stimulated by the Genoa he grew up in and the extravagant ones relatives from Puglia and Sicily. He is a kind of mischievous sprite, which manifests itself in an increasingly intrusive way throughout his career from engineer, forcing him to become a professional comedian.

Milano – This new show is an exercise in intelligent lightness, where the artist’s personal story is superimposed on a fun but acute journey through the clichés of these strange modern times. The result is a complete showman, who sweeps with ease from story to parody, from song to dance, creating a relationship with the engaging audience.

Tickets: prestige 27 euros; armchairs 25 euros (reduced 17 euros for under 26); armchair 18 euros. For further information contact the Manzoni Theater in Milan by calling the number 02 7636901.

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Vernia Vernia Giovanni Vernia

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