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November 26, 2021 is the day of the great Black Friday promotions also in Italy, a special date to mark on the calendar, because it is entirely dedicated to shopping at bargain prices. You know, the ‘black friday’ tradition was born in the United States, but for some years now it has crossed borders and has taken hold in Italy as well.

The 5 rules of Black Friday

Black Friday is an opportunity to take off the whims, but also an opportunity to anticipate Christmas shopping, saving precious time and above all a good amount of money. The black friday involves both physical stores and online shops, but it is the latter that have taken over and are the undisputed protagonists of the Black Week and Black November in general. Below we offer you a practical guide to understand how Black Friday 2021 works in Italy and what are the instruction rules in order not to waste time and end up being a victim of scams. Here are 5 perfect tips to make the perfect purchase.

Think about the products you need

The offers there are really many and the risk is to find yourself wandering wildly from one site to another ending up shopping without criteria. It’s okay to let your imagination run wild, but starting with logic is the best strategy. Imagine entering a supermarket without a shopping list: you would go out with ice cream and chips and forget the basic necessities. So enter the list, then no one will stop you from adding some apparently useless must haves. So arm yourself with pen and paper and write an ordered list of items you have been wanting for a long time, dividing them by product sector: in this way it will be easier to identify the most suitable e-commerce sites for your search.

Visit the main marketplaces and e-commerce

Don’t be afraid to turn on the main online shops in the days before Black Friday 2021. It is essential to know that the most important marketplaces anticipate the offers for which you do not know how to wait until Friday, to browse through the offers. Many provide preview of the discounts and allow you to book already for some items. At this time you can place the items in your cart so as not to forget them: you will always have time to remove or replace them at the time of purchase. But you will still have an advantage over the others.

Check the payment methods

Pay attention to payment methods, to avoid being unprepared and not being able to take advantage of a super discount on a product you have been wanting for a long time. So check the payment methods accepted, so that you don’t find yourself without a way out when you have to validate your order. If you don’t have a credit card, remember to top up your prepaid card the day before or check that the marketplaces you are interested in accept payment via PayPal.

Pay attention to what you buy and the possibility of return

If you plan to buy clothing or footwear, pay attention to the sizes. Always have a look at the size guide tables used by the various sites. If possible, choose branded items you already own in order to know the fit, or go and try the items in the store a few days before. If in doubt, check the return policies of the various sites. It is always a good idea to rely on marketplaces that allow you to view the articles, try them and return them in case they do not go well. The possibility of returning an item would also suggest the possibility of buying more sizes per garment, so as to keep the one that fits perfectly and return the product that is too small or too large with the courier.

Watch out for the “discounted”

It is a good idea not to be clouded by the percentages. Balck Friday 2021 must be an opportunity to make crazy purchases at sale prices, but to be sure, cross-check the various sites to see the prices and see if they are really advantageous. Especially in the electronics sector where you can take advantage of good offers. It will not be difficult to identify the market price of the hardware or software you want to buy. In short, if a product is discounted at 70% or 80%, it does not mean that it is offered at the best market price: check, check and check again.

Do not panic: it is true, November 26, 2021, the day of Black Friday, is approaching, but the opportunities will not be lacking: it will be enough to follow the simple rules that we have listed above. Start jotting down your list right away, arm yourself with a prepaid card and choose a good friend to keep by your side so that he can take it away at the right time!

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