Meghan Markle in the storm for her “political meddling”

Meghan Markle in the storm for her “political meddling”
Meghan Markle in the storm for her “political meddling”

Meghan Markle made it big. Not respecting the rules of any protocol – not real this time – he has called two Republican senators, Susan Collins and Shelley Moore Got it, about theirs private phone numbers to urge them a vote in favor of paid parental leave, a theme that for some reason is very close to her heart. As if that weren’t enough, it is presented not as an American citizen but with the royal title, “Duchess of Sussex”. A political incursion called “shockingBy the two senators. Kirsten Gillibrand, moreover, told a The Politico that Markle’s move would be the first step for “Be part of a working group on long-term paid leave”.

Both senators said they were blown away by Meghan Markle’s sudden call: “I’m glad I talked to you,” Collins said, “but I’m more interested in what people in Maine think about paid leave. To my surprise, she called me on my private line and introduced herself as the Duchess of Sussex, which is a bit ridiculous: she was born in Los Angeles and uses his British title to lobby United States senators, after leaving the royal family in 2020 ». Shelley Moore Capito reiterated that Markle introduced herself as “Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex,” adding, “I couldn’t figure out how she could get my private number.”

For the agreements between Great Britain and the US, Markle’s gesture is considered “an absolutely inadmissible interference”. Which comes after a letter written by the Duchess (and distributed to the media) to the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to support paid family leave.

The prince’s wife Harry, as many real observers say, he has been planning his descent into the political field for months dreaming of the US presidency. Kamala Harris with the victory of Joe Biden became the first African American female vice president of the United States? Markle aims higher. She she wants to become the first African American female president.

His pressure on the US senators, however, only provoked indignation. Also on social networks. “Good heavens, who do you think you are?”, an angry voter wrote on Twitter for example. Political expert Darren Grimes then called Markle’s gesture further proof that Meghan and Harry have turned into an “unbearable couple”.

“If you call someone out of the blue, you should impress them with the strength of your arguments. Do not by exploiting the royal title of an institution that you and your husband did so much to undermine»Tweeted Colin Brazier, presenter of GB News. While royal observer Brittany Gadoury pointed out that “Meghan Markle, the American citizen, can call senators around the clock. But Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, cannot meddle in US politics».

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