1.0.0 patch postponed (and mobile versions) and DLC refunded

1.0.0 patch postponed (and mobile versions) and DLC refunded
1.0.0 patch postponed (and mobile versions) and DLC refunded

It is now possible to say with almost absolute certainty: the launch of eFootball 2022 it is considerable a disaster, which makes it very difficult to remember as many precedents.

The free-to-play rival of FIFA 22 in fact, it was unable to respond positively to user expectations, being launched in an incomplete state: the latest announcement by Konami, however, stressed that these problems they will last a very long time.

Today will in fact see the release of version 0.9.1, a patch that, according to what was declared by the developers themselves, will simply deal with fix several bugs.

However, what the community didn’t expect was yet another announcement which emphasized the many problems encountered in rendering eFootball acceptable, with an unpleasant news also related to the very expensive paid DLC in pre-order.

Konami has in fact announced on its social channels the postponement of update 1.0.0: initially it should have been released on 11 November, while now the release is even scheduled for spring of 2022.

Besides, it was canceled the pre-order of the DLC Premium Player Pack, which would include usable in-game items starting with this update.

The developers pointed out that they have already started the procedure for automatically refund all users who had chosen to pre-order this additional content: it is unclear if and when this package will return, but it is plausible that this will only happen after an official date has been chosen for patch 1.0.0.

However, the bad news did not end there: Konami also announced that it has decided to defer mobile versions of eFootball, leaving also for them the generic spring 2022 launch window.

The publisher therefore appears to be aware of the current poor state of the football simulation, stating that he will do everything to deliver “the experience our players expect and deserve».

The release ends with the developers apologizing for the inconvenience, thanking the fans for their patience. At the moment, the strategy put in place to try to counter the domination of FIFA 22 it was thus officially revealed a failure: all that remains is to wait for the spring of 2022 to hope that the update will be able to bear fruit.

Recall that currently eFootball achieved a record that is hard to be proud of: it is still the most hated game ever on Steam.

The anger of the fans was so high that for a certain period of time it was possible to find the football title even in the category of psychological horror.

Indeed, observing the oddities possible in-game and after reflecting on the bad launch of eFootball, perhaps we are not so far from defining the current situation worthy of the best horror.

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