Spa bonus, how to apply from 8 November and the 186 accredited structures. Discount up to 200 euros without Isee

Spa bonus, how to apply from 8 November and the 186 accredited structures. Discount up to 200 euros without Isee
Spa bonus, how to apply from 8 November and the 186 accredited structures. Discount up to 200 euros without Isee

Countdown to the bonus term. From 12 on Monday, November 8, citizens will be able to apply for it 100% discount on the purchase price of spa services, up to a maximum of 200 euros and without Isee limits. The establishments concerned they accredited it last 28 October on an Invitalia platform. To book, just contact directly parrot, by booking from that time, when the structures will be able to connect to Invitalia to make the discount.

Attention, however: the resources in the field are running out (at the moment they are foreseen 53 million euros) and then the applications that can be accepted will be about 250 thousand. This means that the vouchers could run out in a short time and obviously those who arrive earlier will certainly be entitled to the discount, while those who delay could stay out, at least at first. Let’s see in detail how the el discount will work‘list of available facilities.

Spa bonus: how it works and for which services

The contribution consists of one 100% discount on the purchase price of the spa services, up to a maximum of 200 euros. The bonus is aimed at all citizens over the age of 18 and residing in Italy, without ISEE limits and without stakes linked to the family unit. There the obtaining procedure will be managed by Invitalia and will be valid only for spa services at accredited institutions. In any case Federterme provides and will provide information support to users on its site, where it has already provided a form ad hoc. By registering, by entering your data, you can immediately and free of charge, via email or sms, all the latest information to stay up to date.

The spas must not be charged to the National Health Service or other public bodies and must not take advantage of additional benefits already recognized to the user. Tax deductions recognized on uncovered costs can be combined with the bonus.

The spa services covered will be both i treatments such as health care (for example through hydropinotherapy, irrigations, inhalations, insufflations and sulphurous crenotherapy politzer), with or without a doctor’s prescription, both benefits of wellness and beauty, therefore of well-being.

How to apply

Each applicant will be assigned a single voucher, not transferable to third parties. Those interested in obtaining the bonus must book directly with the accredited spa. The owner of the establishment will connect to the Invitalia platform, by accessing through Spid, verifying that the bonus has not already been requested by the customer and that it is still available. So, if everything is okay, the the structure will apply the discount and issue a document confirming the reservation, which will also be used to count the applications that have been given the go-ahead.

After booking there will be 60 days of time to use the service, otherwise the benefit will lapse. The spa will have to access the Invitalia portal, select the reservation and enter the start date of the services. Not later than 45 days laterafter issuing an invoice, it will be possible to request a refund of the voucher already used by the user.

To do this you will have to attach the expense document, with the unique booking code, and the declarations on respect for privacy. Invitalia will then have 30 days to provide the reimbursement, sent directly to the current account of the spa, provided during the accreditation phase. In case of checks, the times could be longer.

The list of establishments

The accredited establishments are 186. Veneto has more (74), less Piedmont, Liguria, Basilicata and Calabria (1). In Lazio there are seven. Here they are:

All the others are available on the dedicated website divided by regions of belonging.

The warnings

Attention, however, to two other warnings underlined on the Invitalia website. The bonus:

it does not constitute the citizen’s taxable income who benefits from it and cannot be calculated in the value of the equivalent economic situation indicator (ISEE);

– encannot be used for catering and hospitality services.

Finally, to access the spas, it is necessary to be in possession of the Green pass.


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