Roberto Saviano on trial for defamation of Giorgia Meloni

05 November 2021 14:56

During a television broadcast the writer defined the leader of the Brothers of Italy “bastard”

The prosecutor Pietro Pollidori, who was entrusted with the procedure, last July proceeded to close the investigation by challenging the writer, present in the courtroom, for the crime of defamation.

The passage of the “indicted” program is the one in which the author of Gomorra, speaking of the death of a Guinean child during a crossing in the Mediterranean, said: “You will have come back to all the junk said about NGOs:” sea taxi “,” cruises “… but it comes only to say bastards. To Meloni, to Salvini, bastards, how could you? How was it possible to describe all this pain like this? It is legitimate to have a political opinion but not on the emergency “.


Roberto Saviano trial defamation Giorgia Meloni

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