Vincenzo De Luca under investigation: notice of extension of investigations to the governor of Campania for the Salerno coop affair

Vincenzo De Luca under investigation: notice of extension of investigations to the governor of Campania for the Salerno coop affair
Vincenzo De Luca under investigation: notice of extension of investigations to the governor of Campania for the Salerno coop affair

The governor of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca, today received a notice of extension of investigations for the affair relating to the Salerno coop on which the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating. The news was reported by sources from De Luca’s own staff, but according to the website of the Neapolitan newspaper The morning at the moment it has not yet been confirmed by the investigators of the capital. The first to talk about the inscription of the governor of the Campania in the register of suspects, however, was the conductor de It is not the Arena Massimo Giletti in a video published on the website of the Corriere della Sera. After a morning of denials and confirmations, after lunch the entourage of the regional president took care of formalizing the incident.

The story from which the investigation was born – The story, as mentioned, is that relating to the management of coop of Salerno. The case broke out on 11 October last, when the Salerno Flying Squad executed ten precautionary measures as part of a survey launched two years ago on public contracts managed by some cooperatives, aimed at the recovery of disadvantaged workers. The accuse, for various reasons, the freedom of enchantments, undue induction, criminal association and a case of electoral corruption are disturbed. Among the 26 investigated also the current mayor of Salerno Vincenzo Naples, solely for the disruption of the auction. The heaviest name in survey economics, however, turned out to be that of Nino Savastano, regional councilor, ended up under house arrest. Between 1993 and 2001 and between 2011 and 2016, Savastano – already convicted of abuse of office in June 2008 and then rehabilitated – was councilor for sport and social policies of the Municipality of Salerno, member of the Municipal councils led by the then mayor of Salerno De Luca, now president of the Region. According to the investigations, those votes were also obtained thanks to Fiorenzo Slut, de facto administrator of the cooperatives that over time, between assignments and extensions, have won the contracts for the management of parks and the maintenance of greenery. The entrepreneur would have activated even beyond borders of Salerno for Savastano to be voted. The charge in this sense speaks clearly: “Savastano permanently enslaved the public functions to his own personal interests and the private ones in exchange for electoral support assured him by Zoccola Fiorenzo (arrested, ed), guaranteeing the latter the custody of procurement banned by the Municipality of Salerno concerning public services to companies social cooperatives referable to the private individual and his associates. In particular, Zoccola Fiorenzo in the face of the promise to procure Giovanni Savastano political support and votes in view of the regional elections of September 2020, obtained from the public official the promise of the awarding and extension of the awarding of contracts for public services banned by the Municipality of Salerno, the exclusive prerogative of the cooperatives managed by the same or by his associates “. In the order, the investigating judge Gerardina Romaniello defines the relationship between Savastano and Zoccola as “a consolidated agreement corrupting”.

Why Vincenzo De Luca is brought up – The facts disputed for various reasons in the investigation range from 2017 – when the first citizen was no longer De Luca – to 2020 and concern contracts for maintenance of the public heritage for an amount of approximately 200 thousand euros each for a total of 1.6 million euros per year attributed to eight cooperatives all deemed attributable to Zoccola. Cooperatives, which in most cases should have employed 30% of the members as disadvantaged workers but which have not produced – according to the investigations – the documents proving their use. According to the investigating judge, those of Savastano and Zoccola (but also of Castelli, manager of the environment sector of the Municipality of Salerno, retired since last July, ed) are the main figures of “a system that has distant roots over time and which draws its lifeblood from the participation of exponents of local politics who benefit from this system for personal and electoral purposes “. Around these figures the work of “others public officials and political exponents who in various capacities, with different responsibilities, have made it possible to consolidate the monopoly of the entrepreneurial group, with reciprocal benefits”.

The role of Fiorenzo Zoccola – What is considered to all intents and purposes the ras of the Salerno coop, moreover, has made it to the investigators two long interrogations in which he recounted the details of his relations with the current governor of Campania. “As my references I have exclusively Vincenzo and Roberto De Luca, with Piero De Luca I have no relationship because there is no affinity ”, the entrepreneur told the magistrates in one of the key passages. Zoccola speaks in the name of two coop, “Third Dimension“And” 3 SSS “:” They belong to me “he said, reiterating that he knew De Luca” since 1989, when he was secretary of the PCI “. Relations between Zoccola and De Luca continued at least until 2020, at least according to the reconstruction ofentrepreneur, who then added that he had met the governor at the Civil Engineers 15 days before the regional. In another report, Zoccola claimed that it was the governor who told him how to get the coop to vote: “The indication 70-30 (of the support to be shared between candidates Deluchiani in the Region Nino Savastano, arrested, e Franco Picarone, ed) I received it in June directly from Vincenzo De Luca whom I met casually ”. Finally, Zoccola assured that he had now broken up with De Luca: “After the elections I told Savastano to tell De Luca that I would no longer campaign because they had reduced my brother’s role in a investee”.

“The ledger of the coop” – The fact is that the entrepreneur on 22 October also provided details relating to the ‘political’ functioning of the relationship between institutions and cooperatives: “There is a very specific agreement between cooperatives and politics that aims to guarantee the first business continuity in exchange for votes“. And who did the votes go to? “The situation is different between the regional and municipal elections. At regional elections – Zoccola explained – there is a plurality of voting indications that come from both the representatives in the Municipal Council of the cooperatives and from those who are representatives of the Region (councilor and governor). At the Municipalities, on the other hand, each cooperative acts on its own behalf and refers to its representative in Town Council”. Below is a detailed map of the political contacts, cooperative by cooperative. A kind of ‘ledger’ of consensus in coop. All loyal of the De Luca galaxy. Which today we learn to be investigated precisely for this story.

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