“My father among the coffins brought by the army”

05 November 2021 11:23

Cristiana Longhini’s interview with “Dritto e Rovescio”: “They attack us every time, I decided to only get vaccines”

“My father was among the coffins brought by the army, there was no ambulance, we found a doctor to visit him: he was saturated at 65 and a week later he died.” Thus opens the interview with Paolo Del Debbio a Christian Longhini, Bergamo pharmacist who decided not to swab the no vax: “I set myself up as a vaccinating pharmacist, but I didn’t bother to swab because we don’t want to subject ourselves to an avalanche of potentially positive people”.

“That’s why – continues Longhini to “Straight and Reverse” – I decided to do just the vaccines, in recent times all those who wanted a tampon had a unique aggressiveness. They told us: you have to give me a tampon because I don’t want to lose my job. My choice therefore derives from the fact that undergo all this anger and this hatred hurts. People are afraid of what they don’t know: most have not understood how the vaccine works and so they are afraid of nonsense. ”


father among coffins brought army

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