On the trail of adventure: tribute to Corto Maltese, Falzone ‑ Ninfa ‑ Rossi in concert: Atelier Musicale 2021/2022

Milano – Saturday 13 November 2021, at 17.30, at Chamber of Labor of Milan (Auditorium Di Vittorio, Corso di Porta Vittoria 43) continues the twenty-seventh season ofMusical Workshop poised between jazz, classical and contemporary music.

Milano – This new appointment is dedicated to multimedia and adventure. Designed as a homage to Hugo Pratt, the author of the famous character of Corto Maltese, this proposal constitutes the latest project – a performance that combines music with photography – by Pine Nymph, master of the lens of international level, who is part of the increasingly rare patrol of adventure photographers.

Milano – Of Catania origin, Ninfa started from the entertainment environment and then faced the artistic documentation of places and people caught in multiple and adventurous journeys around the world. Together with the Sicilian photographer, the trumpeter is the protagonists Giovanni Falzone and the drummer Alessandro Rossi, who develop their improvisations (on compositions almost all of the first) inspired by the images of Pino Ninfa, projected during the concert.

Giovanni Falzone is one of the leading figures of contemporary Italian jazz: great instrumentalist with double training (jazz and classical), original composer and conductor, as well as an imaginative and unpredictable improviser, he boasts a high profile international palmarès. For his part, Alessandro Rossi is one of the most interesting and versatile exponents of the latest generation of Italian drummers.

The structure of the concert foresees the subdivision of the musical interventions and the projection of the photographs by homogeneous groups, in as many chapters designed to compose an imaginary journey, just as the journeys of Corto Maltese, the phlegmatic sailor e romantic dreamer from Pratt’s pencil. From the scorpions of the desert to the Argentina of tango, from Ethiopia to Cuba, from the United States to Venice, the path lives on the relationship with music, as has so often happened in the projects of Pino Ninfa, who in the course of his career has created multimedia performances with Enrico Intra, Stefano Bollani, Danilo Rea, Paolo Fresu, Gavino Murgia, Luciano Biondini and many other Italian jazz players.

Ticket 10 euros (with membership card at a cost of 5/10 euros). For info: 348 3591215 or 02 5455428.

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