Giorgia Surina, after the fight against cancer comes the new disease: that’s what it has

Giorgia Surina has confessed a secret of her health. Here’s what it is.

Giorgia Surina is a radio speaker and actress. Many will remember it a TRL: Total Request Live, the musical program broadcast on MTV, in which he has the opportunity to interview the most important interpreters of international music together with Marco Maccarini. In the meantime he began his career in the world of acting acting in many films, fiction and TV series.

Giorgia Surina at an event – Getty Images

As for her private life, she was married to the actor Nicolas Vaporidis. The actress often shows herself unfiltered on social media, even when she has had health problems. And in fact, even recently he wanted to share a detail of his life with his followers. Here’s what it is.

Giorgia Surina confesses to having skin discoloration: this is what it is

Giorgia Surina at a photocall – Getty Images

Giorgia Surina is a very beautiful actress and no one could ever have imagined that even her face hides details that make her unique. We are talking about discoloration. In fact, the radio speaker in October 2021 wanted to show herself without filters on her Instagram profile, highlighting her face. Some are noted skin discoloration in the forehead and eye area. The choice to show themselves without filters also wants to be a help for the many girls who feel insecure in their body.

A beautiful demonstration of body positivity in which the actress shows herself without any fear. And in fact, his choice is rewarded, because there are thousands of messages of approval, including that of Nek, singer friend of the speaker.

It should be remembered that for the TV presenter it is not the first time that she shows herself without filters. In the past, more precisely in 2016, she had shared on social networks the delicate operation to which she had undergone, in which it had been removed a tumor fortunately benign to the breast. On that occasion he had invited everyone to do prevention, not to neglect to take tests to safeguard health and not to arrive late for diagnoses. Fortunately, the actress is fine now, but she always encourages everyone to do the necessary checks. Giorgia Surina recently shared with her fans a news about her professional life: she signed a contract with a well-known publishing house to write her first book. An important new challenge for a versatile person who manages to do his job well in many areas.


Giorgia Surina fight cancer disease

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