the leaders do them to leave us in our underwear – Libero Quotidiano

the leaders do them to leave us in our underwear – Libero Quotidiano
the leaders do them to leave us in our underwear – Libero Quotidiano

Giancarlo Mazzuca

05 November 2021

Dear Greta, resign yourself: the “bla bla bla” is destined to continue, it will be an endless soap opera. In fact, at Cop 26 in Glasgow, following the G20 in Rome, we witnessed a kind of climatic mega-show, with all the greats (or almost) who made a thousand promises and commitments on the need to immediately turn the page to fight the apocalypse of global warming that looms more and more on the earth and on our heads. So many bombastic declarations, so many commitments made on paper, so much optimism expressed by the various leaders (including Dragons) about the future of the ongoing battle, lots of promised loans: an overall commitment that, according to the words, should make us reach the “zero carbon” goal within a few years (optimistically speaking).

And many have wondered: do you want to see that this time we really change? Hope has therefore spread all over the world, but be careful not to have too many illusions because in Scotland a “dejà vu” has been broadcast, a film that has already been broadcast too many times. In fact, in the aftermath of the world catwalk of the many “big” (only in words) many doubts began to surface: are we so sure that the road will be truly downhill like the one that almost all the powerful on earth have told us? Are we not instead faced with the umpteenth revival of “past the feast, the saint cheated”? I propose the second hypothesis: reading the latest Mediobanca “report” on the state of health of the economy was enough to make me open my eyes. The analysis, albeit indirectly, has served to reinforce my doubts: we will not be able to easily do without all those products that today continue to pollute the environment. In other words, the way to go to achieve global climate change will be long, very long. What does via Filodrammatici say?

He says that the forecasts of economic growth in the world for next year, after the setback of 2020 due to Covid, arrive at 4.9% after the jump of 5.9% in 2021. But these forecasts continue to be strongly conditioned by the possible tensions on the prices of energy, gas and oil, as well as by the rise in the prices of raw materials due to their scarce availability. In particular, plastic, steel, iron, copper, tin and aluminum are missing on the market, that is, precisely those raw materials that we should fight on the environmental front due to their harmful effects. So? We must take into account that the equation proposed by the greats still does not square for the simple reason that any recipe seems to clash with a very complex reality. We cannot really delude ourselves despite the maxi-commitments (financial and otherwise) that have been made: “blah, blah, blah”. At this rate, after the Glasgow summit, we do not even have the Scottish kilt left: we remain in our underwear.

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leaders leave underwear Libero Quotidiano

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