Training: in Milan we look to the digital future – Economy

Training: in Milan we look to the digital future – Economy
Training: in Milan we look to the digital future – Economy

(ANSA) – MILAN, 05 NOV – The fourth edition of the Corporate Digital Learning Summit was held at the headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan. In particular, looking at digital training, which in the last two years has taken the stage due to the health emergency.

The need for a digital learning culture was also underlined by the president of Al platforms, Vittorio Zingales, who highlighted how the last year has highlighted the delays and how, therefore, the proposals and offers within the digital world are increasingly priority. “There was a very serious problem of preparation, a lack of distance learning capacity was highlighted during the pandemic,” said Zingales.

Andrea Cafà, president of FonARCom, the National Interprofessional Joint Fund for Continuing Education, instead focused on the need for constant dialogue between the parties for the growth of digital learning. Cafà, has thus announced that December will start a table that will see all the actors involved in the training confront “with the aim of creating a community between digital learning operators, training bodies and companies that use FAD training to share their respective experiences at the in order to draw ideas for improving digital learning environments, be they formal or informal “.

But the table is not the only project in the pipeline to offer high-level products. According to FonARCom, in fact, it is both essential to make digital learning faster and more intuitive, as well as customizable to business needs. “From the end of the year, all the companies holding our Company Training Account will be able to generate their own customized platform with just a few clicks from the training plan management dashboard”, said Andrea Cafà. (HANDLE).


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Training Milan digital future Economy

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