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Adored with style, Gf Vip / Marchesa D’Aragona: “Alex Belli must be kicked out!”

Adored with style, Gf Vip / Marchesa D’Aragona: “Alex Belli must be kicked out!”
Adored with style, Gf Vip / Marchesa D’Aragona: “Alex Belli must be kicked out!”

The usual appointment in view of the new episode of Gf Vip, the Big Brother Vip 2021, with the Marquise of Aragon. The analysis of what happened in the last few hours in the most spied on house in Italy, where the twists are undoubtedly not lacking. In the spotlight in particular Alex Belli, che did a lot of talking about himself between various fights and words perhaps a little out of place: what will happen tonight during the live broadcast? Fireworks are expected, in the meantime, let’s enjoy the thought of the noble Marchesa D’Aragona, good reading.


Yet Alex Belli’s entry into the house of GfVip 6 and the subsequent stay until recently, had been pleasant and sweet … Always smiling, measured also in his speech and with an excellent dose of cordiality that he dispensed “free” to his travel friends. Apparently everyone’s friend (“de visu” I mean) and present and hyper protective with L’Adorato Manuel … Several times I imagined him in the final and it seemed to me that he had taken the right path to always conquer a higher approval rating .. But suddenly and in a completely unexpected way something has changed. The polite doctor Jekyll gives way to an unscrupulous Mr. Hyde … There had been some hints about his behavior as a “two-faced Janus” with some tenants of the house, but I considered them “little thing” taking into account the prevailing boredom that grips inexorably , who has no arguments to discuss !!! But giving the False and Hypocrite to ALDO MONTANO is inadmissible! He provoked him with unprecedented brazenness .. and for no reason .. then later claimed, in his defense, that he had gulped three bottles of wine .. even this is not likely because Big Brother does not dispense alcohol (I remember well, a couple of bottles for our parties .. one-off, but to be shared among all the tenants of the house) among other things “in vino veritas” and there are no justifications for the attacks, even if verbal and then contradict themselves again and to affirm that he had done nothing wrong, indeed he expected his apologies! That were late in arriving .. What insolence!


Aldo is a great gentleman (I know him personally, we were both judges at SELFIE LE COSE CAMBIANO with Simona Ventura). He is a great Olympic champion in his DNA for generations and a champion knows rigor, sacrifice, has a code of honor which he cannot ignore both in competition and in life! And he does not give in to provocations but fights on an equal footing and Alex cannot be a worthy and loyal opponent given his treacherous behavior. Alex must have understood (all of a sudden) that Aldo is certainly a very strong opponent and has tried to ambush him, to catch him by surprise and induce him to take a false step! But CHAMPIONS are used to hard struggle, fatigue, psychophysical stress to overcome each time in the best way, for this they become CHAMPIONS because they are SPECIAL people.


The web turns against Alex Belli and in a moment he found himself starting from scratch, as in the game of the goose and saying that he was already close to the finish line among the favorites. Of course the contamination of the Sorge has done its part and this ridiculous and insipid curtain between the two IS REALLY WORTH: but who do they think they are cheating? This is a presumption to the bitter end and completely unjustified. At least Andrea was sincere and repeatedly reiterated that he had exaggerated towards Aldo but Sorge instead charged him. After all, WE ARE WHO WE ATTEND … and together they form a splendid couple “of nothing”, but the most despicable moment ever was when, with a mocking smile, Alex Belli says, turning to Davide and Soleil: “ALL FALL EXCEPT MANUEL WHY NOT IT MAY FALL ”. All topped off with a resounding final laugh! At this point the world of the web asks immediate expulsion from the house! Even the Staff of Bortuzzo asks that measures be taken in this regard! We’ll see what Big Brother will do .. Such a heinous action cannot pass so with impunity! That would be a bad example! For now a TRIPLE HORROR IN THE CUBE FOR THIS ALEX I FRANKLY DID NOT KNOW! I remembered him kind and polite on several television occasions and even several times at the Venice Film Festival, but in that “Leibnizian monad” in a completely unknown and surreal dimension, everyone reacts differently. We must be equipped with a massive dose of “KNOWLEDGE STUFFED WITH SELF CONTROL” after all we are complex beings, more evolved than simple “primates!” So I want to hope!

Adored with style
Your Adored Marchesa


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