Close to scooters, pink car parks, concessions: the infrastructure bill is law

Close to scooters, pink car parks, concessions: the infrastructure bill is law
Close to scooters, pink car parks, concessions: the infrastructure bill is law

From pink parking to the squeeze on scooters, from moto-taxis to the creation of a newco to manage motorway concessions up to the reform of Anas. These are some of the innovations introduced by the Infrastructure and Transport decree, definitively approved in Parliament. “A crucial step to accelerate the reforms envisaged by the NRP – comments with satisfaction the Minister of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, Enrico Giovannini – and to encourage the development of all modes of transport, with a strong footprint towards social and environmental sustainability, and towards the reduction of inequalities ».

Pink parking and more expensive fines: The “pink stalls” are coming, parking spaces reserved for pregnant women and parents with children up to two years of age, and free parking on the blue lines for the disabled, in case the dedicated parking lots are occupied. More heavy the fines of the wild parking in these spaces.

Close on scooters and tuc tuc: Strict on the use of electric scooters with the prohibition of parking on sidewalks and dedicated parking areas, with the reduction of the maximum speed from 25 to 20 km / h, the confiscation of the make-up vehicle and the mandatory helmet for minors. It will also be possible to make a taxi service with motorcycles and cycles.

Tpl: The Regions will be able to use a portion of the resources assigned by the Government to provide additional services also to strengthen controls. PNRR: Measures to speed up the realization of the works envisaged through simplification rules for the administrations in charge of the interventions. From interventions in the water sector to the port master plan and clarifications on the division of responsibilities. The Cismi, a Center for innovation and sustainability in the field of infrastructures and mobility, in which 24 researchers and technologists will work, is born at Mims.

South: The new regulation on equalization will allow the release of the infrastructural equalization fund with an endowment of 4.6 billion euros for the years 2022-33, to recover the gap in the country.

Bonus thousand euro patenti thank you: Young people under 35 and those who receive citizenship income or social safety nets are entitled to a contribution for the achievement of the freight license equal to 1,000 euros and not exceeding 50% of the expenses incurred.

Roads and highways: Reform of the ANAS with an accounting separation of the concessionary activities of state roads and toll free highways from other activities. A new company controlled by Mef and Mims was also set up with a total contribution of 52 million for the management of the state toll highways through in-house credit lines. Within this newco, there is also a task force for Salerno-Reggio Calabria, with an expense of 20 million. Allocated up to 5 million euros for the holes in Rome thanks to an agreement with Anas. Anas will also be able to purchase ready-made projects to reduce the construction time of the Tirrenica. For the A22 concession, green light for the possibility of alternatives to the tender or to in-house assignment. Then comes 8 million for the safety of the Sanremo-Ventimiglia, 25 million for the digitalization of the motorization and 24.5 million to design and build an Olympic track for bobsleighs and sleds in Cortina by 2024.

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