Alfa Romeo Tonale: let’s take stock with new spy photos

They continue to emerge increasingly interesting details on the future Alfa Romeo Tonale. The future B-SUV of the Biscione is slowly approaching the actual launch phase which at the moment has not yet been officially announced. In fact, if the landing stage at the dealership has already been set for June 4, 2022, the actual presentation should take place during the first quarter of the new year: nevertheless, it has often been discussed the possibility that the Alfa Romeo Tonale may appear already by the end of this year. Hypothesis that now, at the beginning of November, it seems very difficult to configure.

The The new rumors about the interior were given by some images that appeared on Twitter showing some Alfa Romeo Tonale camouflaged (of which at least one can be glimpsed with black “padded” camouflage) aboard a cargo ship departing from the port of Valencia and coming from that of Gioia Tauro. It seems that the cars were headed to Canada, in Halifax, with the prerogative of carrying out tests at the Mojave Desert in California.

The particular thing is that on one of these Tonale you can see a sheet containing the words “Hornet”. In fact, it is no mystery that the Alfa Romeo Tonale will be “re-bodied” by Dodge to become the new Hornet, which, like the Alfa Romeo B-SUV, will be produced at the Pomigliano d’Arco plant in Campania.

The interior of the Alfa Romeo Tonale is now almost without secrets

Now some new images, spread by the Instagram profile alfaromeo.ita show the interior of one of the Alfa Romeo Tonales headed to America. From the best perspective, it can be seen that the steering wheel derives from the one already used on the Alfa Romeo Giulia, but has a more extended shape towards the driver with the lower element of the three spokes appearing slightly different from that of Giulia: there is the button for starting the car under the left spoke.

Photo, alfaromeo.ita

You can also see the completely black screen of the instrument cluster which maintains the classic shape a binocolo, index of the effective adoption of a virtual cockpit. Instead, it changes with respect to the variant seen in phase clinic test the entire area around the infotainment screen. It changes the screen completely. The element already used on the Nuova 500 Elettrica is abandoned, the same seen on the Maserati MC20: the cantilever-mounted screen is larger in size and would appear to be the same seen on the new Jeep Compass (with which, remember, the Tonale shares the platform) although one could also think that it is the same already seen on the Peugeot 3008. But they are hypotheses.

Again with respect to the image of the interiors seen during clinic test, the design used for the two central vents for ventilation seems slightly different. The keys also change slightly “A piano” intended for some commands. It is not clear, however, whether the gear lever (which should include both automatic and manual solutions) will remain this: the element is in fact still the same as seen on the Jeep Compass, but it could be revised. Many interior components derive from the Alfa Romeo Giulia, such as the light switch, the internal door handles, and also the circular vents for ventilation and those for defrosting on the front pillar.

Photo, alfaromeo.ita

Very thin rear lights

If nothing new emerges from the front section, other images seen in recent days on the Instagram profile Heavy Feet and on the informed forum of Self Opinions allow you to see almost perfectly the rear lights of the Alfa Romeo Tonale since in operation with LEDs on. The headlights, which extend from the side to the center of the tailgate, joining the Alfa Romeo logo, appear quite similar to the stylistic approach seen on the Tonale del clinic test. However, they seem to have one much thinner shape than the one we had seen at the time, probably more similar to the stylistic approach of the Concept seen at the time at the Geneva Motor Show.

The side profile sees, in all the latest images, the presence of the traditional rear handle. It seems increasingly difficult to hypothesize that a solution other than this is chosen, as we had seen, however, on the Concept and on the model that appeared during the clinic test. The images of AlVolante seen here a few weeks ago, however, suggested that the best solution was still being sought in this area.

Photo, alfaromeo.ita

If, as already discussed here, we already know the availability of at least three productions (Ti, Super and Veloce with 1.3 PHEV) other details closely linked to the style of the Tonale derive from the exhaust. In all the camouflaged forklifts the exhaust elements incorporated in the bumper have never been seen left uncovered. This may mean that it is a stylistic solution, therefore fictitious, given that as confirmed by the recent images of GabetzspyUnit the exhaust is located on the right facing down under the rear bumper.

You can clearly see the exhaust pipe pointing downwards

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