LIVE READINGS – Legia-Napoli 1-4 (10 ‘Emreli, 51’ Zielinski, 75 ‘Mertens, 79’ Lozano, 89 ‘Ounas): blue poker in Warsaw!

Napoli beat Legia Warsaw 4-1. Spalletti’s men overturn the score in the second half thanks to goals from Zielinski, Mertens, Lozano and Ounas and conquer the first place in Group C.

20.38 – The second half ends

90 ‘- The referee grants five minutes of recovery.

89 ‘- GOOOOOL OF NAPOLIIII !!! Ounas wedges himself in the ball and chain area, kicks but is countered. The ball returns to him and it’s magic: sombrero with the left and right on the fly to pierce Miszta!

87 & # 39; – Zanoli recovers an excellent ball on the trocar. Low cross for Mertens, anticipated by a whisker by Wieteska.

82 ‘- Last two changes for Napoli: Petagna and Lozano leave and Ounas and Zanoli enter.

80 ‘- Substitution for Legia Warsaw: outside Emreli, inside Rafael Lopes.

79 ‘- GOOOOOL OF NAPOLIII !!! Great ball from Mertens in depth for Petagna, who face to face with the goalkeeper is selfless and leans on Lozano on his left: with the goal unguarded, Chucky scores 3-1!

75 ‘- GOOOOOOL OF NAPOLIIIIII! Mertens appears on the spot and beats Miszta with a spoon and brings Napolo forward.

74 ‘- PENALTY FOOTBALL FOR NAPLES! Josué trims a kick to Politano in an attempt to postpone the ball: penalty and yellow for number 27.

72 ‘- Another move by Spalletti to try to win the race: Zielinski exits and Mertens enters.

70 ‘- Substitution for Legia Warsaw: André Martins takes the place of Slisz.

68 ‘- Bad foul by Jędrzejczyk against Lozano: yellow for the Pole.

67 & # 39; – Replacement also for the hosts: Muci enters the field instead of Kastrati.

65 ‘- Double change for Napoli: Politano and Lobotka enter, Elmas and Demme leave.

62 & # 39; – Josuè-Koulibaly clash: the Legia midfielder remains on the ground, but it shouldn’t be anything serious.

60 ‘- Lozano fishes Petagna who turns and pulls without framing the mirror of the goal.

58 ‘- Personal action by Di Lorenzo who focuses and starts an insidious cross with his left: Miszta comes out and pushes the ball away.

54 ‘- Yellow card for Elmas for a late intervention on the opponent.

51 ‘- GOOOOOL OF NAPOLIIIIII! On the spot Zielinski shows up who crosses the right and beats Miszta.

49 ‘- PENALTY FOOTBALL FOR NAPLES! Elmas suggests towards Zielinski. Josué knocks him out in the area and for the referee it’s a penalty!

47 ‘- RIBEIRO POLE! Low cross from the usual Mladenovic from the left to catch the rushing Ribeiro who immediately kicks with the left-handed. Powerful shot that hits the post.

19.49 – The second half begins

The first half against Napoli ends 1-0 for Legia Warsaw. Polacchi immediately ahead with Emreli’s goal in the 10th minute, then the Azzurri tried to balance the score with several attempts. Worth noting is the Zielinski crossbar and the opportunity for Elmas. Teams in the locker room.


45 ‘- Two minutes of recovery granted.

41 & # 39; – The possession of the ball sees the Azzurri clearly ahead in this first half: 67% against 33 of Legia Warsaw.

38 ‘- The Italian-German gets up and returns to the field. The blue midfielder is doing well.

37 & # 39; – Demme remains on the ground following a game contrast, but there should be no big problems for him.

34 ‘- Ball spilled in the area for Petagna, but is anticipated by Wieteska.

30 & # 39; – Conclusion of Lozano from outside the area after a hitting and beating: his throttled right goes out on the bottom.

27 ‘- Zielinski tries on a free kick from the edge: the right smashes against the barrier and ends in a corner.

25 ‘- ELMAS! Petagna acts as a bank for Elmas who kicks face to face with his right. The ball is returned by Miszta.

24 ‘- Anguissa tries from distance: the conclusion is rebounded.

20 ‘- Koulibaly catches Lozano with a nice throw in the area, but his lob is unsuccessful.

19 ‘- On the development of a corner, the ball reaches Anguissa who hits her head. Mitszta is well positioned and blocks.

16 ‘- ZIELINSKI’S CROSS! Demme goes away on the right and sees the Pole in the center of the area: right before the Pole that is printed on the wood, then the second attempt ends up a breath above the crossbar.

13 ‘- Following a free kick taken by Zielinski, the referee punishes Rrahmani for an attacking foul.

10 ‘- GOAL OF LEGIA WARSAW! Mladenovic dribbles away from Anguissa and crosses to the center of the area for Emreli. First intention shot that beats Meret. 1-0 Legia.

8 ‘- In these very first minutes, Napoli holds the ball and plays the game, Legia defends itself and tries to restart.

4 ‘- Lozano points the opponent on the right and tries the cross in the center. Deflected ball, corner kick.

3 ‘- Legia Warsaw immediately forward: error by Juan Jesus, Johansson infiltrates the area, Rrahmani closes well.

18.46 – PARTIES! The game begins

18.42 – Teams in the field

18.25 – In the pre-match of Legia-Napoli on Sky the sporting director of the Neapolitans intervened Cristiano Giuntoli: “Those who play will have great motivations, the desire to pass the round and establish themselves on a very difficult field from an environmental point of view rather than technically. It will be a difficult race. Petagna-Mertens? There is no question about Mertens, Petagna has already made us do some points last year that we would not have done, the goal is to let us take minutes and then have them at their best when the African Cup takes place.

Osimhen? Let’s see tomorrow, it seems to be a light stuff, today he trained but let’s wait.

Anguissa? Last year we didn’t have it, but we scored a lot of points with Demme and Fabian, we bet a lot, in the end we took him and Juan Jesus so we knew his strength, he fit in very well, he’s an extraordinary guy, he gives always everything and the coach struggles to give it up.

Will the squad be integrated in January? We need to have answers from Ghoulam who is getting better and better, we need to evaluate Zanoli, we believe we can go on like this but there are always 1000 situations that come up, let’s see if we can seize opportunities or not. “

18.00 – In the pre-match of Sky Sport the Napoli striker intervened directly from the pitch, Matteo Politano: “We have to win by force, we want to finish first in the standings and therefore we need 3 points. We have many strong players and those who play will do well. Legia? Excellent team, in EL they have always done well, even in Naples they put us in difficulty. He has physicality and a very high press “.

17.30 – OFFICIAL TRAINING – Spalletti changes almost half of the formation, five men out of eleven, starting with the goalkeeper: space for Meret and a rest shift for Ospina. In defense, forced choices, given the disqualification of Mario Rui and the injuries of Manolas and Malcuit: Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Koulibaly and Juan Jesus, with only Zanoli as a defensive change on the bench. In the median chance for Demme together with Anguissa, while on the trocar the excluded is Politano: Lozano, Zielinski and Elmas (instead of the tired Insigne) on the trocar behind Petagna, preferred to Mertens after the good impact with Salernitana.

LEGIA WARSAW (3-4-3): Miszta; Johansson, Wieteska, Jedrzejczyk, Rose; Ribeiro, Josué, Slisz, Mladenovic; Kastrati, Emreli, Luquinhas

NAPLES (4-2-3-1): Meret; Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Koulibaly, Juan Jesus; Demme, Anguissa; Lozano, Zielinski, Elmas; Petagna

17.00 – Napoli will take the field in the red jersey

16.30 – The latest training sessions for tonight’s match between Legia Warsaw and Naples arrive from Sky Sport. And, with them, confirmations arrive about the eleven chosen by Luciano Spalletti. In attack Petagna will win over Mertens, while on the trocar space for Elmas, Zielinski and Lozano who will therefore be preferred to Politano. In the median plays Demme with Anguissa. Below are the probable formations according to the satellite broadcaster.

16.00 – Problems for Napoli fans who have decided to follow the team on their trip to Poland. This was revealed by Carlo Alvino, journalist of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, through his Twitter profile: “The appeals to FairPlay by Napoli in Warsaw seem to have fallen on deaf ears, the first problems for the Azzurri fans are already registered at the airport. all in front of the guest sector. Finally armored by the police “.

The latest on Legia – Compared to the first leg, the new coach Golebiewski could propose a 3-4-3 with Kastrati and Emreli together with Muci, the only striker in the first leg. In midfield Ciepela and Slisz in the center with Johansson on the right and Ribeiro on the left (in a runoff with Mladenović). In defense Jedrzejczyk and Wieteska and the last place of the trio are played by Rose and Nawrocki.

The latest on Napoli – Spalletti with the men counted: out the suspended Mario Rui in addition to the unavailable Malcuit, Manolas, Osimhen, Fabian and Insigne. Meret will be seen between the posts, protecting Di Lorenzo on the right, Rrahmani and Koulibaly forced to the center because Juan Jesus should act on the left (Zanoli is the only defensive change on the bench). In the median of a certain place Demme with Anguissa (in a relay race with Lobotka). In attack Lozano, Zielinski and Elmas (with Politano change from the bench) behind Petagna, with Mertens taking over this time. Ounas will also be on the bench, returning to the squad.

Napoli’s European journey restarts from the infernal basin of Legia Warsaw. Luciano Spalletti’s team is forced to win in order to pass the group and above all in key first place to be able to access the second round without playing the play-off. The technical difference with the Poles is enormous, as seen also in the first leg with the 3-0 after 29 shots (10 on goal), who live a very bad moment, in the middle of the relegation zone despite the change on the bench, but who still have at home beat Leicester and on the other hand Napoli have not won away from home in the Europa League in three away games.

Friends of Tuttonapoli, good evening and welcome to the direct text of Legia-Napoli!

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