Triumph Tiger 1200 my 2022, new photos and videos of the new maxi enduro – News

Triumph Tiger 1200 my 2022, new photos and videos of the new maxi enduro – News
Triumph Tiger 1200 my 2022, new photos and videos of the new maxi enduro – News

The arrival of the new Tiger 1200 has long been announced on the official Triumph website with some pictures and videos.
Photos with optical graphics to hide the shapes a bit, but in the meantime there have also been photos of the Tiger without camouflage caught during road tests.

The American Supercross champion has already expressed his opinion on the dynamic qualities of the bike Ricky Carmichael, Triumph consultant, who engaged the Tiger 1200 in off-roading.

Other Images closer together, and another video teasers (which you can find at the opening of the photo gallery above and above), have just been released by Triumph and allow you to get to know better some characteristics of the three-cylinder maxi enduro of which the official technical numbers are still missing.

However, many things are already known, including the presentation of the bike at EICMA and its arrival for sale in 2022.
Aesthetics, more streamlined of the previous version, is due to Rodolfo Frascoli, also author of the latest Tiger 900 and Trident 660.

The front promises good protection aerodynamics, you can see the two LED headlights with cornering light and the windshield at height adjustable with additional deflectors. Also standard are handguards, adjustable saddle height, knobs (and saddles) heatable and TFT instrumentation with connectivity.

The engine three cylinders in line double shaft and 12 valves is shown with more compact measures, as seen on the last one Speed Triple, has ride-by-wire throttle and five delivery maps.

The power has not been communicated, but should approach 145-150 horsepower. It is known that it is also new to transmission, with six-speed gearbox and shaft final with lightened double-sided swingarm and articulated joint for the benefit of trim stability during acceleration.

Also unpublished trellis frame in round steel tubes, completed by the upside-down fork and the mono with lever progressive.
The suspensions, on this specimen at least, are electronic both in the management of the spring preload (the rear control cylinder can be clearly seen) and in the semi-active hydraulic braking.

The braking system relies on calipers Brembo radial attachment with cornering ABS as standard and can be disabled off-road.

The spoked wheels (rims for tubeless) are dedicated to off-road use and the circle arrives 21-inch front with the rear from 17.
Then there will be one Tiger 1200 plus street version, with spoked wheels and front from 19 inches, while the dry weight should be positioned around 230 kg, a significant reduction compared to the previous 1200.

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