“The curve rises, free reservations to accelerate” – Corriere.it

“The curve rises, free reservations to accelerate” – Corriere.it
“The curve rises, free reservations to accelerate” – Corriere.it
from Carlotta De Leo

The general and emergency commissioner: «Wide availability of doses, proceed with the administration even without reservations. We need to increase the pace against the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ “

Accelerate the administration of third doses “without delay”and “complete the primary vaccination cycle” for those who have not yet completed it. Given the “rise in the national epidemic curve in October” and the arrival of the “season of major respiratory diseases”, the special commissioner for the Covid emergency, F
rancesco Paolo Figliuolo sent a circulate to the Regions to clarify how to proceed with the campaign and increase the pace of recalls with a scheduling of doses «starting from 181st day after completion of the primary vaccination course“. Not only that: Figliuolo asks the Regions to get organized in time for a probable “future expansion of the vaccination offer to the 5-11 year old audience”. The vaccine for children could arrive “by Christmas I think it’s a reasonable hypothesis,” he announces Franco Locatelli, president of the Superior Health Council.

“Immediately the third dose against the” pandemic of the unvaccinated “”

In a circular entitled “Indications on the continuation of the vaccination campaign”, Figliuolo writes that in this phase in our country there is “wide availability of vaccines“Which joins the”high administration capacity“. But, taking into account “what is happening in other European countries with the so-called” pandemic of the unvaccinated “, it is strongly necessary” increase the rate of administration of third doses, as well as to continue with the completion of the primary vaccination cycles “.
The commissioner then invites the Regions to “reinforce the work of information
born and raising awareness on the anti Covid 19 vaccination, also in relation to the possibility of scheduling its administration in conjunction with the flu vaccination “.

Reservation not compulsory

Figliuolo then asks local authorities to guarantee the additional possibility of access vaccination directly at the hubs swithout reservation, alongside the usual procedures. Not only that: Figliuolo pushes the Regions to systematically resort to “active call», Proceeding with the booking of the subjects interested in the« booster »dose« also through the local medicine network, with the broadest involvement of general practitioners, pediatricians of free choice and pharmacists ».

By Christmas probable enlargement to children 5-11 years

Soon the Regions will also have to equip themselves for a “expansion of the target groups »of the campaign. Both for the booster dose “for example age groups below 60” and for the initiation of immunization of children. It is “probable” – explains Figliuolo in the circular – “future expansion of the vaccination offer to the audience 5-11 years old”. Forecasts that are closely confirmed by Franco Locatelli: “By Christmas I think it is a reasonable hypothesis “said the president of the Superior Health Council a Sky TG24. «I believe that the EMA can reach an evaluation and approval by the end of the month-first half of December. At that point there we can leave»Adds Locatelli. And on safety: «Let’s get rid of the concept very clearly, absolutely a safe vaccine, it is no coincidence that it received immediate approval from both the FDA and the CDC ». “Children should also be protected from the, albeit rare, serious or prolonged manifestations of Covid – he adds – also to allow them to have all the social spaces they deserve and for help reduce viral circulation. I think there are very good reasons for vaccinating children ».

The resurgence of infections

The data show “an increase in the epidemic curve, with a progressive increase in the weekly incidence of new cases and in the mean Rt calculated on symptomatic cases equal to 0.96 (still below the epidemic threshold), compared to 0.86 last week and 0.83 in the last week of September ». The current epidemiological picture, which has seen a regrowth of infections for weeks, “is one of the hypothesized scenarios”, but thea vaccination campaign, “Which has reached today the86.41% of the vaccinable population (subjects over-12) with at least one dosee the83.18% with cycle completo, is proving to be decisive in limiting severe forms of disease, with positive repercussions not only on health but also on the hospital system ». “The comparison of the curves of new cases / hospitalizations (ordinary and in intensive care) in the two-month period September-October 2020 vs 2021 – writes the general – shows how the current situation is much better, despite the resumption of all activities in the presence. This is also thanks to the maintenance of non-pharmacological precautionary measures and the correct behavior of citizens “

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