SIMONE D’AURIA exhibition. My World – Milan

From November 18, 2021 al January 30, 2022

Milan (MI)

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Region: Lombardy

Place: Spirale Milan | Art & Co, via Moneta 6

Phone: 02/878827

Opening time: 15-19.30. Closed on Sundays and Mondays

Cost: Free admission

Where to buy: 0 – free admission


Manager: Spirale Milano and Art & Co

Simone D’Auria (Bergamo, 1976), one of the most interesting artistic personalities on the international creative scene, has thought about an exhibition / installation that occupies the different levels in which the Spirale Milano gallery develops. Art & Co, a new exhibition venue in the heart of Milan.

The exhibition presents 60 works capable of exploring the most recent research of the author from Bergamo by birth, but Milanese by adoption, taken from some of his most famous cycles.

Starting from the Spoon project, the series of giant spoons (over 150 cm high) that recall Claes Oldenburg, made of recycled plastic, a symbol of the regeneration of polluting materials present in the seas and oceans. With Spoon, D’Auria focuses on the relationship of the individual with the world, deepening the theme of hunger, understood as a hunger for life, for thought, for freedom, for experiences, for openness to others.

Spoon’s natural evolution is the creation of the paintings by Mr. Spoon (which will occupy an entire wall on display), a character who comes alive by reinterpreting the masterpieces of art, be they the Dance of Matisse, the Scream of Munch, or paying homage to artists such as Magritte, Banksy, Jeff Koons, Keith Haring and many more.

The exhibition itinerary also takes into consideration the solidarity project that D’Auria developed in collaboration with the Miami Zoo, in which he made some animals interact, such as tigers, chimpanzees, with some of his sculptures such as Tank or WOW, created to raise awareness of the safeguarding endangered animal species.

The theme of the defense of nature is very present in D’Auria’s works. An example is the Shark sculpture, which will be exhibited for the first time, where a shark bites into a globe representing the earth, or Moby sbang, a stylized whale with mirrored surfaces.

For the entire duration of the exhibition, the environments of Spirale Milano will be enveloped by the soundtrack specially composed by Matteo Rigamonti, musician, producer, sound engineer and DJ.

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