Whatsapp will be part of the MetaVerso revolution

The Facebook application, or rather Meta, is about to release its new update, and this time it will introduce a particular novelty that will be entirely linked to the new initiative of Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, nothing has been left to chance since it is a series of different and essential changes to be made.

The new Whatsapp update aims to change something that is already present within the application, rather than adding something new – MeteoWeek.com

Whatsapp it has been for a long time that it tends to publish more and more patch interesting and which are intended to improve theapp both for its users and to keep up with the competition, like the one with Telegram – for example – as well as yours main opponent.

And we noticed this with the addition of the new emoticons or other settings related to privacy, so we know very well that theagency have ideas to sell and that he knows how to please his fans. It is no coincidence that it is one of the applications most used in the world.

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However, this update of Whatsapp it seems that it will only concern one news which has to do with Facebook’s new name, that is Meta, and since the application in question is related to the idea of MetaVerso, clearly we should have expected a such update.

The change of the inscription

The “MetaVerso” project, as we are seeing, is now applied everywhere. In this case Whatsapp, being a property of Facebook, is obviously updated – MeteoWeek.com

Whatsapp Beta is about to release its new update for Android, updating the software to version thanks to Google Play Beta Program. The primary novelty will concern the writing “Whatsapp from Meta“, And which will replace the previous indicative phrase and which referred to Facebook group.

As usual we will have to wait several days before the patch may also be available for us, therefore just wait to be made available for all devices and not only towards some. Obviously we refer, as is easily understood, to those who are part of the beta program.

The phrase “Whatsapp from FacebookHad been introduced two years ago, but seeing as the company changed the own name, now the writing will have to undergo a easy modification to perform but equally important from implementation. In fact, after adding the pages in the beta of Whatsapp Messenger per iOS, now it’s up to the Android version.

Update which, as we recall, had also been confirmed by Will Cathcart, which he had previously ascertained on Twitter the possibility that the company decided to change Whatsapp it’s theirs website on the occasion of the modification of company name.

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However, we believe this is just one of many updates later that we will see soon be released from Meta. Ultimately it is a update very simple and that does not add nothing new, if not a different and, at times, irrelevant sentence. Consequently, let’s expect interesting news afterwards.

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