“As in the worst boarding schools against bedwetting” – Libero Quotidiano

“As in the worst boarding schools against bedwetting” – Libero Quotidiano
“As in the worst boarding schools against bedwetting” – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Fredella

04 November 2021

L’he said from Adriano Celentano. The Mollevato defends Gianluigi Paragone and attacks Bianca Berlinguer. At the center of the controversy ends the episode of CartaBianca, the program that airs on Rai3. Celentano shares a long letter on social media and attacks the host (among other things, announces the return to TV).

“Dear Berlinguer, I didn’t like you at all with Paragone. I must say that you were very little Bianca. You took it out on him for citing some facts revealed by the show Report, which are also interesting for your broadcast. You invested it like it’s done in the worst boarding schools when children were punished for sleeping in the same bed where, in their sleep, he had escaped pee “, writes Celentano. Own Siegfried Ranucci went as a guest to Floris a Tuesday, on La7, in conjunction with CartaBianca Berlinguer: this provoked a strong reaction from the journalist (who specified on Facebook: “My presence in a program other than Rai has been authorized”).

“Dear Bianca, you are the only one to spread this type of television anger and if it can console you I will give you a ‘first fruit’: I am thinking of returning to television with a program entitled ‘THE CONDUCTOR‘. And you will be the first guest … “, Celentano continues. His words immediately make the rounds of the Net.

Adriano Celentano says he did not appreciate Bianca Berlinguer’s behavior when Gianluigi Paragone arrived in the studio as a guest. Then the Molleilato talks about Giovanni Floris, presenter of the DiMartedì program on La7. And he promotes it with great praise. Floris, according to Celentano, giving space to Ranucci gave a real lesson to everyone.

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