The empire of over one hundred million euros of Antonino and Carmelo Paratore ends up under seizure

The value of assets seized by the Catania Anti-Mafia Investigation Department from entrepreneurs believed to be attributable to the Santapaola-Ercolano clan amounts to one hundred million euros. The decree was issued by the Prevention Measures section of the Court on the joint proposal of the Public Prosecutor of Catania and the Director of Dia against three subjects, one of whom, a historical exponent of the Santapaola-Ercolano clan, is currently being held under a hard prison regime. following the recent life sentence for the murder of Luigi Ilardo, killed in Catania in 1996, shortly before entering the protection program reserved for collaborators of justice.

Already in the past, the Dia del centro Etneo had already conducted complex patrimonial investigations against him, which resulted in the decree of confiscation of assets for a total value of € 30,000,000.00 in December 2012 and the aggravation of the preventive measure. personal. Today’s investigation has examined the economic, financial and patrimonial position of two other individuals, father and son, well-known entrepreneurs originally from Messina, already drawn from criminal investigations coordinated by the Etna prosecutor, on the basis of which they were arrested with the “Pyramids” operation.

Thus, the business and corporate empire of over one hundred million euros of Antonino and Carmelo Paratore, father and son, in the past managers of the largest landfill in Sicily, in the Lentini area, ends up under seizure.

Over the years the two have managed to create a real galaxy of companies, diversifying the family’s activities with companies active in hospital cleaning services, in the real estate sector and in the management of a well-known bathing establishment, located on the Catania coast.

The closeness between the three individuals emerges with certainty also due to the presence of the same on the occasion of the baptism of the boss’s daughter and on the occasion of a marriage of a relative. It is precisely this closeness that is considered the origin of the impressive entrepreneurial escalation of father and son; to shed light on such a sudden enrichment, the investigators have, in fact, passed under the magnifying glass forty years of their economic and entrepreneurial evolution.

From a humble carpenter, he became one of the wealthiest Sicilian entrepreneurs. The complex patrimonial investigations, coordinated by the Etna District Anti-Mafia Directorate, made it possible to ascertain that the entrepreneurial rise of the family had a formidable surge around the end of the 90s and that the investments made in those years were characterized by massive injections of capital not justified by the economic – financial capacity that the entrepreneurs possessed at that time.

Already in 2012, the Piramidi della Dda Etnea investigation had demonstrated the role of the entrepreneur as the economic arm of the boss. With today’s provision, the Court of Catania accepted the analysis carried out by the Dia investigators on environmental and telephone wiretapping as well as on the declarations of historical collaborators of justice, including Santo La Causa, Gaetano D’Aquino and Salvatore Viola .

The evidential framework presented to the Judicial Authority is the result of a meticulous work, which has revealed, among other things, the perfect temporal correlation between the entrepreneurial growth of the companies and the top position actually assumed by the boss in the Santapaola clan. Also on these assumptions, the Court of Catania accepted the thesis according to which the companies attributable to the entrepreneur’s family “are the result of illegal activities or constitute their re-employment”, recalling the provisions of art. 20 of the Anti-Mafia Code which defines the so-called “mafia company”.

For the operation that took place today, since the first light of dawn, specialized operating units of the Anti-Mafia Investigation Department have been employed, which have sealed companies, company shares, real estate and financial relationships. In particular, 14 companies, 7 properties and various financial relationships were seized, from today it is under the control of the State, for a total estimated value of over 100 million euros.

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