Edinburgh elementary school asks children to wear skirts: “To promote equality”

The Spanish precedent – The initiative takes its cue from what happened in Spain a few months ago. At one school, the Virgen de Sacedón of Valladolid, a 15-year-old student, Mikel Gómez, had been expelled (and forced to see a psychologist) for going to class in a skirt to claim his gender nonconformity. As a sign of solidarity, many classmates and even teachers decided to go to class wearing a skirt too. “A school that educates to respect, diversity, education and tolerance”, wrote one of the teachers on social networks, followed by the appeals of many students to the cry of “Dress as you like”.

Inclusive school – And so from Edinburgh comes the invitation to do the same, specifying that for their convenience, children can be free to wear leggings or other trousers under the skirt. “We want our school to be inclusive and promote equality,” said the Scottish institute, adding that the idea came from a group of pupils. “Clothes have no gender, we should all be free to express ourselves as we want”, some teachers wrote to parents.

Parents’ reactions – The city council also expressed itself on the matter, specifying that no child should feel obliged to participate in the initiative. The positions of the parents are different. “Let the babies be just babies,” someone wrote on Twitter. “If a male wants to wear a skirt he has to be free to do so, but why put pressure on others and ask him to do the same thing,” someone else replied.


Edinburgh elementary school asks children wear skirts promote equality

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