“Never so low”. Who climbs between Salvini and Meloni – Il Tempo

“Never so low”. Who climbs between Salvini and Meloni – Il Tempo
“Never so low”. Who climbs between Salvini and Meloni – Il Tempo

All to applaud the successes of the G20 in the international perception of Italy – the so-called standing… – achieved thanks to the premier Mario Draghi. But what we learn from the last surveys the consensus in the country is a bit different. Why the trust in SuperMario’s government is in decline while the one in Draghi leader is sinking like never before.

Thursday 4 November ad Agora, the program conducted on Rai3 by Luisella Costamagna, the polls of Fabrizio Masia. The question to the interviewees is clear: how much trust do you have in the Draghi government? 49 percent of the sample have a lot or enough of it, four points less than seven days ago. Negatives rose, from 43 to 45 percent, as did those who prefer not to answer or don’t know: from 4 to 6 percent.

What is the reason for this decline? Perhaps it is due to the difficulty in managing an increasingly frayed government, comments Masia, while the presenter grants the general extenuating circumstances to the premier: perhaps it is not the trust in the premier in question but in the majority. For Antonio Misiani of the Pd the figure is still very high, a consideration disputed by theexponent of the Brothers of Italy Francesco Lollobrigida: the government is supported by 95 percent of Italians, it is clear that the survey data is very low compared to the parliamentary forces that support the executive, argues the FdI group leader who concludes: “But we are in full democratic anomaly“.

But the real cold shower for Draghi comes in survey that detects trust in leaders. SuperMario is always in the lead but the collapse is undeniable: the premier passes from a consensus of 56 percent seven days ago to 52 today. A four-point drop that represents a negative “never detected” resultadmits Masia. Governors also fall, however, with Zaia e Bonaccini down (to 41 and 38 per cent respectively) but in general all political leaders pay duty,

Giorgia Meloni it has been two weeks since it falls – from 41 to 39 percent – perhaps its opposition is more exhausted “, comments the pollster who photographs the moment of the leaders: Giuseppe Conte has difficulty managing the party. Matteo Salvini after so many weeks downhill it is rebounding (from 32 to 34 per cent), perhaps because it spoke a little more as an opposition. Enrico Letta grows (33 percent, +1), while in the center-right Silvio Berlusconi lost three points from 30 percent to 27 percent in seven days.

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