loot 1 million, employees kidnapped

One million euro robbery – with lots of employees kidnapped – at the Trafilor goldsmith workshop in via Assab in Milan (Cimiano area) on the morning of Thursday 4 November.

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Everything happened around 8:00 am, shortly after the opening of the laboratory: five people with their faces covered by rubber masks (two of them armed with guns) broke in, immobilizing and gagging the employees. They kidnapped them until the arrival of the owner, a 52-year-old Italian woman, and then they had the safe opened.

The robbers then stole the finest pieces: gold and palladium objects (semi-finished products, not finished objects) and then disappeared into thin air. The employees freed themselves around 10:50 am and raised the alarm, the police officers with the UPG and the mobile team intervened on the spot. The loot, according to initial estimates, would be around one million euros.


loot million employees kidnapped

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