The three reasons for the flop of citizenship income

The three reasons for the flop of citizenship income
The three reasons for the flop of citizenship income

One of the main reasons why the grillino income leaks from all sides concerns i controls: as we saw yesterday in, a maxi operation by the Carabinieri unmasked thousands of people with Ferraris, apartments, car rentals as well as members of Camorra clans who regularly received state subsidies. How is it possible, in a civilized country and in 2021, that certain characters have escaped?

The three flops on income

In practice, without going around it, the databases do not work because they do not communicate with each other: for the INPS it is impossible to access the criminal record and the damage is done, in this way any person with precedents can request it and get away with it. What are the reasons? At least three, serious. Meanwhile, the “love” triangle does not work between the Public Administration, INPS and the Revenue Agency because they are unable to exchange data; the lack of an agreement (after two and a half years, not a month) between the Ministry of Justice and Inps which has not acquired the complete data of those who request the RdC and avoid disbursing it to those who have convictions and crimes incompatible with it; finally, the total inadequacy of random checks of the municipalities stopped at a paltry 5%. It is not surprising, then, that Porsche and Ferrari owners are discovered.

All revocations

Since the income has been operational, that is, since 2019, INPS has taken out the state subsidy to about 150 thousand families but more thanks to the checks carried out by the Fiamme Gialle and other police forces than for their own merits. The data of the Messenger we are told that in the first nine months of 2021, the benefit was revoked to 90 thousand households, the previous year only to 26 thousand (it is already a step forward). As we saw yesterday, the world of the “crafty” is extremely heterogeneous: those who have declared they have no criminal record, those who have declared a wealth never owned up to those who have obtained a greater income without warning.

The government prepares the squeeze

Finally, however, something is moving: with the next Budget Law there will be a tightening penalties and checks for those who declare falsehood in order to receive citizenship income. Greater freedom should be granted to INPS in the verification of the case with a particular eye also to assets stored in tax havens. Municipalities will have to be more active in carrying out cross-checks between the registry office and the composition of the family unit.

At the same time, the range of offenses linked to income: for example, stolen goods and induction to child prostitution will also become part of it. The new law should be operational by the spring of 2022. At the moment, in the meantime, the number of citizens has reached 1.68 million families (September data) with a total of approximately 3.5 million people: the amount average is 578 euros with an expenditure, up to now, of almost 18 billion euros (730 million in October alone), an incredible drain. Finally, the geographical distribution of those who request it stands out: 578 thousand in the North, 417 thousand in the Center and 1.97 million people in the South and on the Islands.

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