Hevolus and Microsoft Italia announce Hybrid Learning Spaces: mixed reality for increasingly hybrid teaching

The Federico II University of Naples is the first university to start experimenting with the new solution within its degree courses

Federico II University of Naples is the first Italian university to start experimenting with Hybrid Learning Spaces, integrated solution developed by Hevolus Innovation and Microsoft Italia for participatory and laboratory teaching in mixed reality.

The acceleration of digitization processes in recent months has in fact highlighted the opportunities that more digital teaching can generate, in terms of access to innovative content and unprecedented learning experiences, preparatory to the acquisition of new skills. This is the so-called Hybrid Didactics, that is an approach to learning where physical and digital integrate and coexist effectively, giving life to something new and with greater potential.

In this context it was born Hybrid Learning Spaces, real immersive virtual classrooms which allow you to introduce a new educational model that can be used both remotely and in person, through lessons and support for holographic workshops. The University of Naples is the first in Italy to experiment with the solution in the didactic fields, both scientific and humanistic.

The solution Hybrid Learning Spaces is perfectly in line with what was announced by the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella during Ignite 2021 – the main Microsoft conference dedicated to the Enterprise world – or making it available to public and private realities Cloud-based solutions to realize the metaverse, with the aim of enabling shared experiences between the physical and digital world.

“Federico II University wants to make innovative teaching technologies available to its students: after managing the emergency period with distance learning, the University is now ready to rethink a new hybrid teaching method, which is why it has took the opportunity to experiment and evaluate Hybrid Learning Spaces for some courses. ” Giovanni B. Barone, Head of the Systems Division of the University of Naples Federico II

New technologies, smart devices and a hybrid approach now allow educational institutions to respond to the ongoing paradigm change with an interactive and multidisciplinary experiential model capable of placing the student at the center, involving him personally and stimulating the his spirit of initiative. We are convinced that this project developed together with Microsoft can help the Education and Training sector to approach young people in a new way also by providing specific skills on team collaboration techniques that are fundamental in the world of work. – explains Antonio Squeo, CIO of Hevolus Innovation, a digital company specialized in phygital customer experience and owned by the Italia Venture II Fund – Fondo Imprese Sud, managed by CDP Venture Capital SGR.

We are in a crucial phase for our country, a historical moment of great changes and opportunities where we return to focus on young people, the real engine of our country’s future growth, investing in their training and in the development of new skills. In this scenario, digital has a key role as an enabler of new hybrid teaching experiences and new technologies can help to press the accelerator on this transformation already underway; the new solution developed in collaboration with Hevolus is a concrete demonstration of this. The Federico II University of Naples has embarked on a path of innovation and digital transformation with Microsoft for some time now and the experimentation of this solution confirms the desire not only to continue but to accelerate this path and thus allow today’s students to become ready professionals to face the challenges of the near future” commented Elvira Carzaniga, Director of the Education Division of Microsoft Italy.

Hevolus Innovation

Hevolus Innovation specializes in research and development of innovative business models for a phygital customer experience.
Microsoft international partner for Mixed Reality, winner of the SMAU 2020 Innovation Award, winner of the Retail Week Awards 2020 in the Game Changer category, already present in the list of the top ten European suppliers of AR / VR platforms, Hevolus Innovation is a leader in the world of technologies disruptive (Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics and cognitive services) which it uses to innovate the shopping experience and business strategies in the reference markets. It addresses the entire retail industry, the maintenance sector, the Tourism and Culture sector and deals with Corporate Open Innovation for the multinational Würth, with successful projects for some key sectors of the group, including carpentry, ship building cruise ships and yachts, the wood industry and the manufacturing industry.

Hevolus has CDP Venture Capital SGR at its side, as an investor supporting the company’s global growth.

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