“… chemotherapy”: the heartbreaking confession of Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodriguez lets herself go to a heartbreaking confession and reveals that she has arrived in Italy to earn enough for chemotherapy.

Belen Rodriguez is an Argentine showgirl, born in 1984. Daughter of Gustavo and Veronica, older sister of Cecilia and Jeremias, after graduating from the Art School she began her career as a model splitting between Argentina, Miami and Mexico. In 2004 he arrived in Italy where he became the face of important brands such as Yamamay, Jadea, John Richmond, Monella Vagabonda e Imperfect. At the same time she also made her debut in the entertainment world as a host of The Dyeing House (2007), Circus Maximus Show (2007-2010), Jokes aside (2009), We are all well (2010), Colorado (2011, 2012, 2019) e Castrocaro Festival (2019).

The real success reaches him in 2008 when he is among the competitors of theIsland of the Famous. She also debuts as an actress and takes part in Christmas in South Africa, If you are so I tell you yes, There is no 2 without you. As for her private life, she has been engaged to Marco Borriello, Fabrizio Corona and Andrea Iannone. From 2013 to 2017 she was married to Stefano De Martino which made her the mother of Santiago (2013), while she is now engaged to Antonino Spinalbese from which he had the baby Luna Mari (2021).

We are used to seeing Belen Rodriguez on the small screen and on social networks, convinced that they know every detail of his private life, but this is not the case. For example, not everyone knows that her grandmother got cancer when she was just 18 years old.

Her grandmother has always been a second mom to her as she grew up in her home while her parents worked. She looks a lot like her so, needless to say, when she found out about the tumor, the world collapsed on her. She did not give herself for life and decided to give a boost to her modeling career by arriving in Italy.

“Instead of crying, I came to Italy and managed to get her chemotherapy” Rodriguez confesses. A gesture that moved everyone and made it clear, once again, how much the family has always been important to Belen.

Belen Rodriguez and Antonino: is the serene back?

Lately, Belen Rodriguez she returned to the center of the gossip following her separation with Antonino Spinalbese. The two, in fact, had moved away following a heated quarrel that led the boy to leave Milan to find refuge with his parents in La Spezia.

A complicated period where misunderstandings have prevailed, but now between Belen and Antonino the serene is back, the two are back to being a couple and have been spotted together in the streets of Milan together with Santiago and the little Luna Mari.

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