Loredana Bertè and her «Manifesto»: «I sing about my violence suffered at 16, I cry and I say to women: ‘Don’t be silent’» – Corriere.it

Loredana Bertè and her «Manifesto»: «I sing about my violence suffered at 16, I cry and I say to women: ‘Don’t be silent’» – Corriere.it
Loredana Bertè and her «Manifesto»: «I sing about my violence suffered at 16, I cry and I say to women: ‘Don’t be silent’» – Corriere.it
from Barbara Visentin

The singer presents her new album, a hymn to the many ways of living the feminine

True and free, courageous and furious: the Manifesto of Loredana Bert (this is the title of his new album to be released on Friday 5th November) summarizes his songs in 10 songs many ways of being a woman: I am all those you hear on the record – says the rocker, 71 years old -. This work is my manifesto, of my whole experience and of my whole life, in its many facets.

The record focuses on women: do you also consider it a feminist manifesto?

Of course, especially in the song “I stopped being silent”, a poignant pearl that Ligabue gave me, where we talk about violence. A song written by a man who brought out an unexpected sensitivity: Men are usually not like him. When I sang it I cried because I feel it in a personal way: I have an experience behind me that happened to me at 16 and I still bear the signs of that violence because you never stop wearing them.

Ligabue, in giving her this song, said: to stop being silent it takes courage and you Loredana never lacked courage.

Of course I have courage. Even if the company makes you ashamed and then you report years later like I did. Before I was ashamed and instead that son of p … who raped and beaten me should have been ashamed. My message: report immediately, at the first slap.

Is there any sign of improvement in society today?

This is a sore point, indeed a fire one: what happened in Parliament with the Zan bill sucks and the most disgusting thing was the scenes of jubilation when it was ditched. And then the mayor of Terni who allows himself to say not to go out in a miniskirt because he is against prostitution: but moron? In a while they also take away our vote and tell us to put on the burqa. Are we in Kabul by any chance? We are certainly in the Middle Ages.

Have you encountered a lot of male chauvinism in the world of music?

Yes, but I avoided it, I glossed over it, metabolized it and made it into a strength.

And what woman today is Loredana Bert?

What you hear and see. True and free, courageous and furious. But also curious. I really like the contaminations and on this record you can hear it, I have chosen from hundreds of songs, I have worked with the good ones. Among the authors are Chile and Riccardo Zanotti of the Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, the producer Luca Chiaravalli.

And then there are three featuring: Fedez, J-Ax, Nitro: how did you choose them?

With Fedez and J-Ax I have common thoughts. Nitro arrived by chance and it was a great pleasure to find out. I am very comfortable with rappers, I was a huge fan of Tupac and Notorious BIG, giants that will remain forever. Rap is a language of denunciation, courageous and I like it for that.

Songs like Dark Lady also talk about men who are intimidated by strong women.

The Dark Lady is always me. I’m talking about the men who run away. Many have happened to me and I realized that it is better to keep them at a distance. A proper distance, normal, without involvement. Love invades and ends. I’m fine by myself, I do what I want, I read a book, I listen to a CD, I watch National Geographic while I do the exercise bike. To stay in shape in the morning I do two hours of exercise bike and then at night I sleep “in the refrigerator”, with a temperature of 16 degrees. However, for now I don’t need men, except when they write good pieces.

A lot. They are the future, but they must be more daring and not stay in their comfort zone. Look at the Maneskins, I really like them and I’m a huge fan of them. I find them elegant, they don’t swear (laughs, ed.), they are good guys, they are very advanced and very rock.

Would you do a song with them?

Sure, but now they’re busy in America. Getting there the best.

Will I return to the next Sanremo?

I have already won Sanremo and I have already gone as a super guest.

She just needs to introduce him …

If they call me to introduce him with Amadeus I’ll go, yes. Just that for me they cant.

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