It’s not yet a Champions League Milan: more could have been done with Porto, but now head to the derby

It went pretty bad, again. It is useless to go around it: as Corriere della Sera points out, it is not yet a Champions League Milan. Yesterday’s disappointing draw with Porto, an expert and valuable opponent, but far from irresistible, was yet another confirmation of the Rossoneri’s shortcomings in Europe, where a lot of quality and greater attention to detail are needed.

First time wasted
The classification of Group B is a sentence: one point in four games is really too little. The mitigating factor of inexperience at certain levels must be acknowledged to the young Milan of Pioli, but in the two intersections with Porto the Rossoneri could and should have done something more. Yesterday, for example, Romagnoli and his teammates threw away the entire first half, suffering the reactivity and organization of the Portuguese, who interpreted the match better.

Milan, now head to the derby
It is true, Luis Diaz’s goal is spoiled by an obvious foul on Bennacer, but this is the Champions League – observes Corriere della Sera – there is much less booing here and much more attention must be paid. Qualification is hanging by a thread, but now we need to put Europe aside and think only of the derby. Another Milan will be needed on Sunday. The true one.


Champions League Milan Porto derby

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