Big Brother Vip 2021 / Clarissa Selassiè cries, Soleil Sorge bursts

Big Brother Vip 2021 / Clarissa Selassiè cries, Soleil Sorge bursts
Big Brother Vip 2021 / Clarissa Selassiè cries, Soleil Sorge bursts

Big Brother Vip 2021: high voltage at home

It clash between Aldo Montano and Alex Belli split the house of the Big Brother Vip 2021. The climate is tense and even lunchtime turns into a difficult time to share. Yesterday, so, a joke about the lunch prepared by Gianmaria Antinolfi, on duty in the kitchen with Sophie Codegoni and Nicola Pisu, triggered the reaction of Clarissa Selassiè. The smallest of the princesses did not like a joke about the food prepared by Gianmaria and burst into tears.

It made me think that people never appreciate anything, food is golden; there are people who suffer and do not have the money to buy even a piece of bread. My heart breaks “Clarissa said as Carmen Russo, Jo Squillo and Miriana Trevisan comforted her. Clarissa’s tears sparked Soleil Sorge’s reaction.

Big Brother Vip 2021: Soleil Rises against the Selassiè sisters

Soleil Rises does not tolerate certain attitudes on the part of roommates. Clarissa’s tears thus led to the reaction of the influencer who hurled herself against the Selassiè sisters. “You cannot say absolutely anything to any of the sisters who immediately react in an exaggerated way. What do you want to tell me that rice cannot be criticized after all the things that are said in here seems exaggerated. I too have been two months without being able to eat anything with just a little rice. In life there have been moments that in order not to have to ask my parents for money, I have lived eating pasta and tuna. And now why have we criticized rice. Come on then”, Soleil said.

Miriana Trevisan, later, chatting with the Selassiè sisters, she expressed her thoughts on Soleil’s reaction: according to Miriana, Sorge’s attitude is dictated by the attempt to nominate the Princesses. Will they be the next to end up on televoting?



Big Brother Vip Clarissa Selassiè cries Soleil Sorge bursts

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