Scoreboard Milan Porto 1-1 | Milan Night

Scoreboard Milan Porto 1-1 | Milan Night
Scoreboard Milan Porto 1-1 | Milan Night

It is useless to go around it, Milan has chosen.

It was understood from the initial line-up, from the pre-match warm-up, from the timing of the changes, from the intensity put in place, even from the electricity coming from the stands.

Over the weekend I was in Rome for work and combining business with pleasure I went to see the boys from the Olimpico guest sector, well I can assure you that there was a completely different climate, on the pitch and in the stands.

The current AC Milan is an exceptional team if it manages to field a certain type of intensity, otherwise it becomes an almost ordinary team, and it is normal that a match in the midst of the away match in Rome and the derby could only be affected, playing two hundred all. ‘now every three days is practically impossible.

Add to this the fact that Porto is a team that is anything but evil, which put us in enormous difficulty for 3 out of 4 times with suffocating pressing, very high defense, very compact departments and refined dribble, the reaction of the second half is it was dictated more by pride than by reason but the qualification was now marked: in an iron group like the one in which we happened we could only break it down if everything was turned in the right direction, while in fact everything went wrong.

Amen, turn the page and head to the derby, a real keystone in view of the real goal of the season.

Tatarusanu: 6.5 He can do little or nothing on Luis Diaz, but he is very good for reactivity in the parade against Grujic’s header.

Calabria: 5 As already in the first leg Diaz literally shows him the green mice, he comes out in a semi-confusional state for a blow received, but he was already quite confused before

Kalulu: 7 (best) Enter without any fear and practically nothing wrong in the two phases, embellishing his performance with the equalizer, every time you see him enter you wonder why he has no more space

Tomori: 6 Several overbearing recoveries but also some confusing choices too unusual for him

Romagnoli: 5,5 He does not combine big troubles but the impression of a fairly mediocre performance remains, with the constant of always defending with those arms behind the back that in the end are of little use, given that most of the penalties get them from the foot

Theo Hernandez: 6+ He tries to push on the wing with good intensity, but Leao’s left chain seems less synchronized than usual

Tonals: 6.5 Substantial and good intensity performance by Sandrino, who plays as a veteran without awe proving that he deserves a starting shirt for the derby

Kessie: 6 About twenty minutes without infamy and without praise, in which however he confirms that he is on the right path to full recovery of the best form

Bennacer: 5,5 Horrible first half, with the spot of the lost ball on which the goal of Porto was born, perhaps there was a half-fault but by now he should have understood that in Europe certain contacts do not whistle them and shielding the ball without immediate discharge becomes dangerous, better in the second half when he levels up with the whole team

Saelemaekers: 4,5 Bad from start to finish, even irritating when he apostrophizes Kalulu for a too long pass that he is careful not to chase, it will be good that he quickly finds the right humility and that he understands that with this type of performance he remains on the field only for the total lack of alternatives

Brahim Diaz: 5 I know that Covid has hit harder than it has let itself be revealed, because today’s Brahim seemed to be the distant relative of the previous one, it is necessary that you quickly find the best condition because its contribution is essential to give unpredictability to our phase. offensive

Krunic: 5,5 This time his entrance went virtually unnoticed

Leao: 6 It stays in full brake mode for a long time, also because it has played more than anyone else and deserves to take a breath, but when it comes on it puts the Lusitanian rearguard in great apprehension.

Maldini: SV A few minutes on the pitch, however, enough to beat a corner in surreal colors

Giroud: 6.5 Very few playable balls arrive, yet on the first he severely commits Diogo Costa with a shot from outside, and on the second he causes the rejection that leads to the equalizer

Ibrahimovic: 6 A quarter of an hour at a small trot in view of the derby, too bad we could not pay it last Sunday because a 9 would not have taken anyone away, football is emotion and he continues to dispense it without saving

Pioli: 5,5 Against Conceicao he gives the impression of having understood little both in the first leg and in the return, similar to what happened last year with Galtier’s Lille, in all cases he must be good at quickly resetting everything in view of next Sunday, first true crossroads of the season


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