trip to the fort of the stragglers waiting for the evacuation-

trip to the fort of the stragglers waiting for the evacuation-
trip to the fort of the stragglers waiting for the evacuation-

Forty-year-old at the door of a devastated door; boots, umbrella; he is ambushed in the shadows, then takes a step forward, upright and alert, in a sentry position. Because of the location and the bad street lights, it looks darker here than elsewhere. It’s 5:20 pm. We can get in? No, disappear.

Theme of very ancient dating, laborious management and complex solution, therefore delegated as usual to the police – and what they take care of and amen, as is the case -, the complex of buildings dell’ex Slaughterhouse summarizes a list of urban and social problems, and over time the institutional inability to address them. The fact that as a consequence ofacceleration of the process to redevelop the area of ​​viale Molise that intersects the Lombroso and Azzurri streets of Italy, the buildings will be cleared of their squatters – it is unknown how many there are, but they are many, at least fifty -, it certainly cannot reset what is happening inside and, as an osmotic process, on the outside, with repercussions on residents and passers-by. The impossibility for a free citizen to gain access by using the numerous recreated gates, confirms the work of the carabinieri and police who dedicate energy and resources to the fort, and not only for the high incidence of bloody episodes: recently a boy, one of the tenants, was reduced to death during a beating, exploded perhaps due to the non-obvious coexistence between nationalities, perhaps due to the management of spaces, perhaps due to alcoholic excesses.

The case history is much broader and begins with the group that considers the buildings their home, deciding who can enter this infinite land even if compared to the size of a metropolis. The group, made up of migrants originating in Morocco and in large prevalence, according to the investigative reports consulted by Courier service, irregular, self-proclaimed master of spaces. A minority represented by Nigerians and Ghanaians who bring food by bicycle, lend a hand by the hour in the nearby Ortomercato, make deliveries and carry out tasks for the traders of the neighborhood, in black and exploited. The building occupied by the Macao social center also belongs to the complex and they would not fail, despite the help of the antagonists who host cold and tired people, heated disagreements between the same social center and the usual Maghrebi group bullies, as the latter tend to refuse any contact with society. Except, and without prejudice to the individual, I distinguish when the neighbor becomes functional, as prey, for one’s sustenance.

It is useless to deny that the elderly are afraid to wait for the bus at the shelter as they have already had muggings and pickpockets; it is useless to deny that the residents who park near the buildings leave their car if necessary. Now, do not imagine a handful of marauders stationed to strike regardless, and for reports and inquiries they tell of the high rate of offenders present, of constant theft of mobile phones in the vicinity then resold in flea markets, of the possession of weapons such as machetes, of the discovery of other goods stolen from the premises in dramatic hygienic-sanitary conditions and without water, electricity, gas that make up the floors of the buildings, as well as the attempts to oppose the approach of patrols with the throwing of stones.

At least in the information circuit of the prefecture, police headquarters and provincial command of the carabinieri, lhe general topic of viale Molise is well-known as well as a harbinger of meetings and discussions to suggest strategies and modulate further interventions; the action of the Compagnia Porta Monforte generated persistent inspections, insisted remarks, insisted identifications, insisted intersections between the complaints and the occupants, between the various types of offenses in the rest of the city and the delinquent tendencies of some. Likewise, the buildings received visits from agents of the Mecenate police station allowing the tracing of subjects already known in the Milanese history of abandoned areas, in the pilgrimage from one side to the other, from the former Rogoredo drug forest, to say, precisely in viale Molise.

After that it would be interesting to know why the solicitations of the police for a real and effective security, for a closure of the gates with masonry works, to prepare measures that at least hinder the entrance, in short, to show a sign of interest from the administrators, here are words in the wind. Now the construction site works, for which, attention, there is no certain date, will announce the revolution, but since it is not a thing of days it will remain mysterious to ascertain what really happens in the buildings, also inhabited by kids fleeing from the communities that land in viale Molise, obtaining hospitality and leaving the doubt that it cannot be gratuitous nor the daughter of brotherhood.

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