Covid, “mild” autumn after the vaccination season: comparison with 2020

LECCE – The epidemiological bulletin of today, November 3, reports 232 confirmed cases of positivity to Sars Cov2 (of which 24 for the province of Lecce) and 158 patients currently hospitalized for Covid, of which 16 in intensive care. A year ago, on November 5, 2020 *, the new positives were 850 with 745 people in the hospital wards of the medical area and 122 in the critical area. The victims were 26, today there are 8 (but this data inherits some slowdown in communications on weekend days and on public holidays).

A year ago the incidence on a weekly basis was about 150 new cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, today it is just under 32, that is, below that value of 50 which is considered the limit beyond which the health system begins to go. in trouble, starting with contact tracking.

Does the difference, which leaps to the eye here, depend on the number of tampons? No, on the contrary: then there were about 7,500 (including those repeated), today 22,600 (always including those repeated on already known cases). The data are very clear: the introduction of vaccination, first reserved for healthcare workers and the elderly, then progressively extended to the entire population over 12, has led to a level of containment of the epidemic, despite the variants of the virus, which today allows , albeit with precautions, the regular performance of the school year, of work and sporting activities, both competitive and non-competitive. Above all, it allows the ordinary functioning of public health which for months and months has been mortgaged and paralyzed by the grip of Covid.

Returning to today’s bulletin, the cases of infection currently registered in Puglia are 3,134 (a year ago there were over 13,500).

* November 5 because on November 3, 2021 the bulletin was accompanied by a note explaining how the data of the new cases was the result of positivity not recorded in the previous days. It was therefore considered that the bulletin of the 5th (1,165 positive swabs) was more reliable, even than that of the 4th which could contain some aftermath of the day before.

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