“I just want to make him think, it’s the only way not to lose the elections” – Corriere.it

“I just want to make him think, it’s the only way not to lose the elections” – Corriere.it
“I just want to make him think, it’s the only way not to lose the elections” – Corriere.it

The Minister of Economic Development does not want to oppose the secretary of the League but indicate a different path “so as not to give the country to the left”

of the big Giorgetti he would like to be the super-consultant who travels the world paid for in gold.
In the alternative could do the Prime Minister.
In the meantime, however, the Minister of Economic Development has a problem with the heterogenesis of ends, because he must be given credit when he says that his latest sortie “it was not against Salvini but to make Salvini think
“. Except that Salvini – reached by a hail of blows a la Bud Spencer – did not understand it as the start of a discussion in the party.

Unless you agree with an authoritative leader of the League, according to which“An incommunicability with Matteo has been created, that’s like a rock star is always on tour“. And since Giorgetti has always recognized the role of the secretary, but has also promised to always say how he thinks, he has returned to repeat his thesis.

And that is that “the League does not work like this», That« the center-right doesn’t work like this », that« at this rate we will give the country to the left»:« I don’t know if Matteo will understand this – he explained yesterday to an interlocutor – but it is the only way not to lose the next elections».

The goal is not to oppose Salvini but to indicate a different path from the one so far taken, which is leading to an exhaustion of the propulsive thrust. And this is a damage for the League and the coalition: “Once, when there were difficulties, Berlusconi took Bossi aside and resolved them. Now we have to solve them by ourselves ». But Giorgetti sees a problem in the problem: «The times of the political transition are a bit like the times of the ecological transition. We need to understand if the time needed to make the changes will be compatible with the time we have available. I don’t know if we will succeed ».

The “changes” he speaks of are imposed by the new phase that the government of national unity is facing and which are turning into a challenge for the parties. And then – in his opinion – we need to understand the novelty, “to get in tune with the country, to intercept the vote that has taken refuge in abstention”. The minister fears that if the Northern League was unable to renew itself, and would remain outside the traditional European enclosure and from the international main stream, it could become one currency out of circulation.

His concern is not to end up in the opposition, because the League with its administrators always remains a governing party. The risk is exclusion: this is the reason for the battle to get closer to the EPP. To which Salvini is already responding with the project of a European reassemblement together with Orbán and Morawiecki, which to Giorgetti appears – more than a road – a dead end. The future will undertake to establish who will have been right, while in the Carroccio there are strong creaks. They are not the prelude to a split, but of a sort of “D-day that will come – according to one of the major leaguers – if the polls dropped below the guard limit. And at that point the first signal would come from Lombardy ».

If this is the case, it is clear why Giorgetti defends the premier. But even in this case his stance could provoke a heterogenesis of the ends, putting in difficulty Draghi himself, with whom he boasts a consolidated relationship. It was Giorgetti who brought the then Minister of the Interior Maroni to Bank of Italy to introduce him to Draghi. It was Giorgetti who told Salvini what Draghi had told him shortly before the yellow-green government was born. And it was always Giorgetti a push for League entry into Draghi’s cabinet.

The thesis on de facto semi-presidentialism presented by the minister, and which scandalized (almost) the entire Palazzo, stems from his political experience, from the knowledge of the real relationships that often exist between the Colle and Palazzo Chigi. And they are also the result of reflections on the crisis of the system, “after Mani Pulite canceled the First Republic and the parties were transformed into electoral committees”, increasingly poor of the ruling class. And now “there is only Draghi left as a reserve of the Republic». That’s why Giorgetti fries when he sees certain scenes in government: «Do, do. Sooner or later that s’inc … and goes away. And leaves us all sitting on the ground “.

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