Third dose Covid vaccine and second J&J, how to book region by region – Chronicle

Third dose Covid vaccine and second J&J, how to book region by region – Chronicle
Third dose Covid vaccine and second J&J, how to book region by region – Chronicle

The increase in infections Covid, also growing slightly in Italy, and the risk of a fourth wave with the nightmare of return to the yellow zone, they push the government to speed up third doses, booster doses and second doses for those who have been immunized with the single dose J&J. “The indications – explains the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa – they say that it is reasonable to think that by the end of the year there could be a extension of the stalls, let’s think of the 50-year-olds, some of them categories such as teachers. Aifa told us to proceed today with the third dose for the frail and over 60 and so we are doing “. Costa then launches a double appeal:” I invite citizens who are included in these categories to proceed with the vaccination. And I appeal to parents to vaccinate children over 12, because the data tell us that the virus is circulating much faster in unvaccinated young people and there is a risk of new variants “.

Third dose and booster dose: how many are vaccinated

In terms of numbers, to date, they are 90,156,562 doses of vaccine administered in Italy, 90.4% of the total of those delivered, amounting to 99,784,224 so far (in detail 71,161,251 Pfizer / BioNTech, 15,233,414 Moderna, 11,543,551 Vaxzevria-AstraZeneca and 1,846,008 Janssen), according to the report of the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency. The people who received the third dose additional there are 284,469, 32.20% of the potentially target population, while 1,473,818 have had the dose booster, it 28.33% of the population subject to the booster dose who have completed the vaccination cycle for at least six months. The people who have had at least one dose are 46.664.493, 86.40% of the population over 12, while those who have completed the vaccination cycle are 44.894.589, in practice 83.12% of the population over 12.

Third dose, how to book region by region

After the start of the recall for the first categories, such as the frail, the elderly and healthcare professionals, the regions are now preparing to broaden access to third doses and the recall for those who have been vaccinated with J&J. Over 1.5 million Italians who have received Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose Covid vaccine will have to do the second dose with an mRna immunizer, i.e. Pfizer or Moderna, 6 months after the first. Taking into account that the first administrations started in April, the new administration should begin immediately. But how do you book? At the moment there is no single model but there are different methods from region to region: few have activated the direct call and only one foresees the involvement of family doctors. But there is no shortage of new methods, such as booking through Cup and pharmacy or through postman or PostaMat counter. Here is the picture of the access and booking procedures for the administration of the third dose of the anti Covid 19 vaccine and the second for those who have made J&J.

  • Booking online or via Cup: is provided in all regions (except Basilicata, Campania and Valle d’Aosta). Some regions, however, also provide a call center for booking and the online Cup and Cup service.
  • Direct call via Usl: only the Valle d’Aosta is proceeding through the Local Health Service to call all those who fall into the target categories. This modality, which represents the most incisive tool, is foreseen in Emilia Romagna and Piedmont only for the frail, in Tuscany for the transplanted and immunocompressed, in Lazio for the over 80 already vaccinated at home.
  • Direct access to Hubs and Vaccine Centers: in Campania and Basilicata reservations are not necessary, all people belonging to the target categories can present themselves directly to the Hubs and Vaccination Centers with their health card. In Piedmont, direct access is provided only for the over 60s and in Tuscany for the over 80s.
  • Through Postamat and postman:in Abruzzo, Marche, Sardinia and Lombardy there are new and innovative ways of booking the anti Covid vaccine through the Postamat counter, by inserting their health card, and through the Postman equipped with a PDA.
  • In the pharmacy: in Calabria, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Puglia, Umbria and Tuscany (only over 80), you can book the vaccine at the pharmacy
  • At the family doctor: in Tuscany for the over 80s

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