Gazometro, the beauty of Italy to regenerate the urban fabric –

Gazometro, the beauty of Italy to regenerate the urban fabric –
Gazometro, the beauty of Italy to regenerate the urban fabric –

The Rome of the President of the Region, Nicola Zingaretti, with the memories of the summer in Castel Porziano and that of Francesca Bria, Ursula von der Leyen’s forty-year-old consultant for the Green Deal. The thirst for theater of Carolina Crescentini, who wants to go back to acting at the Valle, and the love at first sight for this city of the actresses Elisabetta Pellini, from Milan, and Margherita Tiesi, from Florence, who have chosen it as their favorite place. And then, again, the research with physics Francesca Ferrazza, a student of the Nobel Prize Giorgio Parisi with her extraordinary and futuristic studies on magnetic confinement fusion next to the story of Gemello (stage name Andrea Ambrogio), rapper and painter who expresses complicity and tenderness for the slowness and apparent inefficiency of the eternal city, which for him always has the opportunity to redeem himself with simpler things like pizza for one euro in Campo de ‘Fiori.

A Rome with a thousand faces, with kaleidoscopic facets that is a little hard to find a style, a trend, the one represented yesterday at the Gazometro in the third stage of Il Bello dell’Italia, the Corriere investigation, coordinated by Roberta Scorranese, who dissects the cultural heritage of our country. Disorganized and chaotic, the president of Confcommercio Roma, Lorenzo Tagliavanti, defined it, but it is from this magma composed of converging suggestions that his unique creativity is born. Interviewed by Giuseppe Di Piazza, editor-in-chief of the Chronicle of Rome of Courier service, Zingaretti said that Corviale will become the largest reality green of Europe and the restructuring of the fourth floor of the building has already begun, occupied by one hundred families, who will be given temporary accommodation pending the completion of the works. While on the Quirinale match the governor of Lazio affirmed that, more than names, cohesion counts: let’s take for example Carlo Azeglio Ciampi who invoked the spirit of service, the same as the constituent fathers. Finally, recalling his 14 years as administrator between the Province and the Region, Zingaretti stressed that he is still passionate about politics as a tool to improve the well-being of people, protect rights, combat inequalities.

Francesca Bria, the lady of innovation who followed the smart city project in Barcelona, ​​recalled how the transition to digital is changing, underlining that a process that is increasingly linked to art and science to produce a new technological humanism. Francesca Ferrazza r & d business partner Energy Evolution Eni, leading a group of researchers who are trying to reproduce the energy of the sun and stars to make it available to life on a cleaner planet: No one in the world has tried this before – said the researcher – a huge challenge, we are working in partnership with Enea and Mit using very powerful magnets that are able to confine the gas and bring it to melting temperatures.. The writer Premio Strega 2021, Emanuele Trevi, answered a questionnaire from Proust and the journalist Federica De Sanctis and the actor Francesco Siciliano (a couple in life) talked about everyday life in the Ostiense district and the last, painful, episode of the fire of the Iron Bridge.

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Gazometro beauty Italy regenerate urban fabric Corriereit

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