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From Milan to Trieste the No pass protest now challenges the prohibitions: “Saturday in the square”

From Milan to Trieste the No pass protest now challenges the prohibitions: “Saturday in the square”
From Milan to Trieste the No pass protest now challenges the prohibitions: “Saturday in the square”

They don’t care about the boom in infections, the hospitals with no more beds, the risk of ending up in the yellow zone and above all the prohibitions. The Trieste No passes are back on the streets on Saturday. And even the “colleagues” of Milan on the same day announced the fifteenth demonstration. It is useless to ban it, they warn, because the same will be done. With or without the green light: “We do not ask for authorizations, but we communicate a route”, explain the organizers.

The battle against the green certificate is becoming increasingly bitter. The ultras of the protest do not give up, on the contrary they raise the bar. They intend to go on indefinitely until the pass requirement to work is canceled. In Trieste the appointment will no longer be in Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, where the demonstrations were banned by the prefect until 31 December following the rise in cases due to the recent No pass marches, but in Piazza Libertà, in central station area. With spacing and masks, under penalty of severe penalties. But the protesters do not pay attention to the new stakes established to stem infections, nor do they feel responsible for the outbreaks that have caused the weekly infections in the Julian province to spike to 376 per 100 thousand inhabitants, making them conquer the first place in Italy for incidence of cases. The appeal to return to protest runs as usual on Telegram chats, in which it is specified that it will be a regional march. «They are trying again to delegitimize us: they accuse our processions, in the open air, of being at the origin of the outbreaks. Pointing to our demonstrations as responsible for a guilt that is not attributed to other city events seems to us to be the umpteenth health side to the repression of dissent ”, they write. It was Stefano Puzzer, the port man in charge of the protest – just returned to Trieste from Rome after being denounced for an unauthorized demonstration and having received the pass for a year – to relaunch the procession on Saturday organized by the No green pass coordination. And since he considers the green certificate to be “illegal”, Puzzer asked the Port Labor Agency – where 74 out of 218 are missing among sick employees and without a green pass – to still recognize his salary as the service is considered offered, but rejected for reasons not dependent on the employee. In short, no step backwards. All back to the square. The president of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, says he does not want to “reduce the phenomenon” of protests, but expects everything to happen “in maximum safety”.

Determined not to stop also the Milan No passes. After the collection of signatures by Confcommercio against the unregulated processions that every weekend cause shopkeepers to lose much of their income, they challenge the association by launching a counter-petition on to mobilize «the Milanese in favor of street protests. “United against the dictatorship,” they write. «We too think about Christmas – reads the page – but we do it in the fullness of the values ​​it represents. Those who still talk about Covid have not understood that this is not a health fight at all, but a fight for human rights “. The event could involve “several tens of thousands” of people, they warn. The police headquarters were given notice of the event and communicated the route, starting at 5pm from Piazza Fontana. «We thought it was now clear, after 15 consecutive Saturdays, that the Milanese parade will continue every week until the green pass is abolished. There will be even if it is explicitly forbidden ».


Milan Trieste pass protest challenges prohibitions Saturday square

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