Tortu and Pomodoro- pop up

Tortu and Pomodoro- pop up
Tortu and Pomodoro- pop up

Many cards are still face down because civic merit is like a game of poker. Woe to discover names and associations ahead of time. First of all why civic merits that will deliver the mayor Beppe Sala and the president of the municipal council, Elena Buscemi on 7 December at Dal Verme there are a total of 35, 15 gold medals and 20 certificates and yesterday, a few hours before the deadline of midnight, the candidacies were more than hundred. The negotiation – as per the Ambrogini tradition – will be long and complicated. Two heavy applications arrived in the last few hours. The sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro and the sprinter Filippo Tortu. Pomodoro, born in 1926, Milanese by adoption since 1954 and one of the greatest exponents of world sculpture, was nominated by the directors of the Democratic Party, Angelo Turco and Luca Costamagna. A tribute to the master after Milan celebrated his 90th birthday with a great retrospective at Palazzo Reale. On the other hand, the leader of the Lega, Alessandro Verri, was named Tortu. Again, Tortu, Olympic champion with the 4×100 relay at the Tokyo Games, chose the Arena for his training.

As in every edition of the Ambrogini, the controversy could not be missing. To put in the viewfinder Alfonso Signorini, Director of Spend and host of the Big Brother vip, nominated by the director Gianluca Comazzi of FI, Michele Albiani, LGBTQ activist and rights manager for the Milanese Democratic Party: I read some names such as Signorini and Borgonovo (journalist de The Truth, ed) as candidates for the Ambrogini. You will have to pass over my proud, colorful, blond corpse. In turn, Albiani nominates DJ Diego Passoni, voice of Radio Deejay winner of a Diversity media award, the award dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ cause. a person of dialogue, inclusive, who brings together – explains Albiani -. Since we are returning from the sinking of the Zan bill, I consider a candidacy like yours to be important.

Ambrogini are also memory. Missing people who have given so much to civil life. Carlo Monguzzi, leader of the Verdi group, nominated Emilia Cestelli, architrave of Libera, in the front row in the fight against the mafia e wife of Nando Dalla Chiesa with whom he shared 50 years of life. The girl from Vicolo Pandolfini, as Dalla Chiesa himself remembered her, died at the end of May after a long illness and her name was brought forward by WikiMafia, the free encyclopedia on mafias and the anti-mafia movement. Monguzzi has proposed a candidacy to the memory also for Francesca Barbieri aka Misunderstood, the travel blogger who died last April of breast cancer.

Below, due to space requirements, is a stripped down list of names that have already been released. The Milan defender, Simon kjaer who saved the life of his national team mate Christian Eriksen. On the other hand, the world champion Marco Materazzi. Application for Enrico Pazzali, president of the Fiera Foundation for having immediately made available a pavilion for the hospital for Covid patients. Also proposed Remo Ruffini, president and CEO of Moncler. It’s still Tommaso Claudi, the Italian diplomat who remained in Kabul even in the dramatic days of the Taliban conquest, from where he helped several families to save themselves and escape from the occupied country, the editorialist of the Corriere della Sera Aldo Cazzullo, the philosopher Stefano Zecchi, Paolo’s daughter and Silvio’s niece, Nicole Berlusconi as founder of the Islander non-profit organization, the conductor and philosopher Paolo Del Debbio, Vanni Oddera, motocross champion who for years has been carrying out the motor therapy project for disabled children, the Paralympic champion swimmer Arjola Trimi, the oncologist surgeon Ermanno Leo candidate by Andrea Mascaretti (FdI). A commemorative medal was proposed for the writer Andrea G. Pinketts.

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