Chaos, the 3,108-horsepower anti-electric ultracar!

Chaos, the 3,108-horsepower anti-electric ultracar!
Chaos, the 3,108-horsepower anti-electric ultracar!

SP Automotive created a thrilling hypercar. You may like it or not, but here we are talking about something “monstrous” in terms of power, so much so that more than a hypercar, we could call it an ultracar. We tell you immediately what is the most beautiful thing: it is not electric! That’s right, the Chaos, this is its name, it has a real heart: 10 beautiful cylinders. Its maximum power in the most “spicy” configuration? 3108 hp, enough to make us three overpowering cars … Where did it come from? He speaks Greek, yes, just like Carlo Verdone’s olives in Borotalco when Mario Brega asks him how they are. The company is Spyros Panopoulos Automotive, or SP Automotive.

V10 biturbo to 4.0 liters

In short, no hybrid cars, or worse with batteries like toys, here we are talking about serious stuff: heat engine V10 biturbo with 4.0 liters, and that’s that. This engine was designed and developed with 3D printing systems and was then created with different components. The engine block, for example, is in aluminum and magnesium alloy, the pistons and connecting rods in titanium, and the valves in titanium and Inconel. In short, the best of the best, as well as for turbochargers, which use parts in carbon fiber, titanium, magnesium and ceramic compounds.

Two versions of this engine: Earth Version and Zero Gravity. The first boasts a maximum power of 2078 hp and 1389 Nm of torque. In the Chaos Earth Version configuration, the 0-100 km / h is closed in 1.9 seconds and the 0-300 km / h in 7.9. The second, the Chaos Zero Gravity with 3108 HP and 1984 Nm of torque? 1.55 seconds to sprint from 0 to 100 km / h and 7.1 seconds to reach 300 km / h. Basically a bullet! Of course it is four-wheel drive, while the gearbox is dual-clutch with eight gears.

What about design? To cut through the air, it was thought to provide it with many of those edges that just thinking about putting a hand on it hurts. Several air intakes, to arrive at F1 aerodynamics. Are you looking for? 21 inches in front and 22 inches in back. The car is then 505 cm long and 207 cm wide. It weighs just 1.388 kg, which becomes barely 1.272 kg for the Zero Gravity version. Much is due to the monocoque frame (made of Zylon, while 78% is divided between alloys of titanium, magnesium, Kevlar and carbon fiber). To “slow down” the Chaos, carbon-ceramic discs of 482 mm at the front and 442 mm at the rear. Inside it is equally spatial, strictly two-seater and with the steering wheel that integrates a touchscreen. A second monitor is located in front of the passenger seat. Do you want one? Signore Signorni, 20 pieces per continent, distributed through RM Sotheby’s a 5.5 million euros for normal and 12.4 million for the top of the range. Start saving money and checking the piggy bank.

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