The No Passes challenge Milan, the prefect: “Safeguard for the city’s activities”

The No Passes challenge Milan, the prefect: “Safeguard for the city’s activities”
The No Passes challenge Milan, the prefect: “Safeguard for the city’s activities”

ivato, as well as the request for a hypothetical path. The No Green Pass through two organizers have alerted the police that Saturday they are ready to take to the streets again for the sixteenth time to express “opposition to the obligation of Green Pass”. The knot is in the journey that the demonstrators would like to make, a request that is also a challenge because it asks to pass in streets with very sensitive points and in arteries, such as Corso Buenos Aires, where traders are asking to be able to return to a normal post recovery. pandemic. And which will inevitably have to be dealt with. And the need for mediation is also said by the prefect Renato Saccone himself: “The line of dialogue with the promoters” of the event “is confirmed and at the same time the best safeguarding of the activities of the city, and in this sense the path will be relevant” .
The appeals of recent days that a part of the city has raised to avoid yet another city paralysis over the weekend seem to have fallen on deaf ears. The No Green Passes not only did not listen to them – “Confcommercio’s appeals are shameful”, they say – but their requests also show a certain desire to challenge those who, respecting the legitimate right to take to the streets, also ask to take into account the other needs of the city.

The meeting point for the protest, as always for months, will be in Piazza Fontana. Then the No Passes would like to continue towards piazza Duomo, via Larga and largo Augusto. Then passing through corso di Porta Vittoria and viale Majno, they ask to march along the commercial promenade of Buenos Aires, and then continue on via Vitruvio and via Galvani to finish the march in front of the headquarters of the Lombardy Region. The police headquarters are evaluating the notice received by e-mail, for which, however, it deems necessary an interview with the promoters. Translated, the requested path must be revised because it would touch points considered too sensitive. Like the headquarters of the Chamber of Labor, in Porta Vittoria, already a desired destination by some procession on the wave of the assault on the homologous headquarters of the Roman CGIL. But also the headquarters of the Libero newspaper in viale Majno and the headquarters of the Lombardy Region behind the station. Places that for public order are considered critical to be approached by a procession with a varied composition and at certain times fierce.

The issue was also discussed in the session of the Committee for public order and security which was held yesterday morning in Corso Monforte under the aegis of the prefecture, which with the commissioner in the coming days will have to deal with the knot of the path. Meanwhile, the collection of signatures launched by Confcommercio “Appello di Milano productive for freedom and responsibility for all. United against Covid” on in the evening touched three thousand signatures in three days. An appeal also supported by the center-right city councilor, and former mayoral candidate, Luca Bernardo: “There is a silent majority that has vaccinated itself to protect itself and others, which has not given up and has continued to pursue its own activity: stop with parades that penalize those who work “.

The Green Pass is mandatory from September to access the closed public establishments. Since then there have been few fines, 15, which have been raised to businesses that have not carried out the necessary checks. While about sixty reports have arrived in the prefecture of companies in Milan and the province that have sanctioned their employees for violating the law.

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