Covid vaccine, the third dose in retirement homes is only 20% in Emilia Romagna

Covid vaccine, the third dose in retirement homes is only 20% in Emilia Romagna
Covid vaccine, the third dose in retirement homes is only 20% in Emilia Romagna

Bologna, 3 November 2021 – Emilia Romagna runs: more than 150,000 people have already taken the third dose of the Covid vaccine. The average is higher than the national one. In this race, however, we are forgetting our old people on the street and we are referring not to those who live in the house, but the guests of the retirement homes. As of yesterday, the Region tells us, on the over 30 thousand people residing in these facilities, about 6,500 have been vaccinated, just over 20%. It is a problem, there is a problem.

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Keep in mind that the vast majority of these seniors was immunized with the second dose in early 2020, even at the end of January. After all, the priority of the time was: health personnel and retirement homes. It was not a random choice: just think that in 2020, the pre-vaccine pandemic year, of the 7,738 deaths from Covid in Emilia Romagna, 2,592 came from RSA. More than 33%: it was a real massacre in the hospices.

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And now? Now it has been said by the government and the Region that from 20 September, vaccination with third doses had to be started frail people, transplant recipients, over 80s and healthcare personnel. Each Ausl has done to his liking, but now the accounts do not add up. With the over 80s living at home we travel quickly (almost 100,000 doses), but many of them were vaccinated (second dose) in April or even May. Guests of retirement homes, on the other hand, I have been without an ‘antidote’ to Covid for eight, nine months, as have health workers. Too much, if it is true that for weeks the experts have been telling us that at a distance of six months from the bite the protection unfortunately falls, sometimes it falls. Romagna is the area that has done the most, Ferrara has vaccinated about 10% of the grandparents in retirement homes, Modena half. Reggio Emilia is an example of the paradox: yes, it is one of the provinces that travel with the highest number of third doses, but it has vaccinated 0 (zero) elderly people from the RSA. They start tomorrow, or so they say.

It doesn’t take a virologist to understand that if an outbreak develops in a nursing home, tragedy is around the corner: and from September to today there have been about sixty outbreaks. The official deaths reported by the Region in the RSA are 26, out of the 241 deaths in these two abundant months. Nine victims in Bagancavallo, at least 5 in Cesenate, it cannot be excluded that other units are also missing from the account. Conclusions: we have started the reservations for the third dose of the over 60s, Rome tells us that by the end of the year we must also be 50 and everything is fine. In the meantime, however, we want to vaccinate, in a hurry, the thousands of elderly people and health workers (possible carriers, among other things, of the virus in the structures) who are really at risk in these weeks?

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