Covid, the WHO wands Europe: “The only region where cases rise”

Covid, the WHO wands Europe: “The only region where cases rise”
Covid, the WHO wands Europe: “The only region where cases rise”

Russia, United Kingdom, Ukraine. But also Germany, Romania, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Greece. For the fifth consecutive week the cases of Covid-19 have increased throughout theEurope. L’World Health Organization (WHO) he wasted no time in emphasizing that the Old Continent is the only region in the world where infections are still growing.

Europe new epicenter Covid

In its weekly report on the pandemic, the Geneva-based agency explained that positive cases were up by +6% compared to the +18% of the last. The report also certified that the weekly number of new infections in other regions of the world is decreasing or remains stable. Going into detail, the largest decline is recorded in Middle East, where new cases fell by 12% and in Africa e South East Asia, where instead they decreased by 9%.

There are two focal points to consider. The first: numbers in hand, theEurope has once again become the most delicate area of ​​the health emergency. Although most countries have pushed hard on the vaccination pedal, the virus, probably facilitated by the appearance of more contagious variants, has nevertheless managed to circulate among people. The presence of more or less large numbers of unvaccinated citizens has therefore contributed to creating more or less large outbreaks.

In any case, it is essential to realize that the current scenario is patchy. This means that even though cases are on the rise virtually everywhere in Europe, not all nations are facing alarming pressures. If in the Balkan area we find countries on their knees, such as Romania and Bulgaria, elsewhere we are witnessing a simple rise in cases.

The moral of the WHO

The second point to analyze concerns the WHO. Since the outbreak of the pandemic to today, the UN agency led by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has often beaten the West – and, in general, the Richer countries – without offering concrete solutions of any kind. It matters little if infections are growing almost everywhere, fortunately, without causing serious consequences for health systems. And it does not matter if, thanks to vaccines, the newly infected are mostly asymptomatic or affected by mild forms of Covid. It almost seems that for the WHO Europe should be used as negative example, always.

Already last month the WHO had outlined Europe as a kind of black sheep. The agency officials had explained that the Covid-19 pandemic would continue “for a year longer than necessary“, because the poor countries were not receiving the vaccines they need. The rich countries, on the other hand, were not only not implementing the restrictions necessary to block the virus run, but they would also be responsible for the vaccine shortage present in low-income countries. It seemed that the WHO recall was an isolated case, but apparently the World Health Organization never misses an opportunity to point the finger, directly or indirectly, at Europe.

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