Salvini “responds” to Giorgetti, a summit with the sovereigns of the

Salvini “responds” to Giorgetti, a summit with the sovereigns of the
Salvini “responds” to Giorgetti, a summit with the sovereigns of the
from Cesare Zapperi

After the criticisms of the «unfinished EU turnaround», videoconference with Orbán and Morawiecki

Matteo Salvini he has no desire to stand by and immediately goes on the counterattack after the criticisms and observations that have come to him from his deputy secretary Giancarlo Giorgetti. The Northern League leader does not respond directly to the minister but immediately launches some initiatives that serve to reiterate, if ever there was a need, that the political line is dictated by him, both internally and internationally, and that he is very clear how to pursue it in next months.

The closest answer to Giorgetti’s reflections is the one that concerns plan

of foreign alliances. To the minister who continues to show that he prefers to abandon the sovereign front (and criticizes “the unfinished EU turnaround”), Salvini contrasts a videoconference organized with the Hungarian premier and leader of Fidesz, Viktor Orbán, and the premier of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, number one of the Pis party. It is the continuation of a meeting between the three that was staged in the Buda Castle in Budapest last April. That was the beginning of a speech to initiate the birth of a new group in the European Parliament. Now the League is in Identity and Democracy, Pis is part of the European Conservatives (the same group of Brothers of Italy), while Fidesz, after leaving the EPP, is among the non-members. Salvini would like to bring together ID and Conservatives, also involving Marine Le Pen, but leaving the AfD Germans out.

On the domestic front, however, Salvini will open today the work of the Federal Council with a series of proposals for changes to citizenship income, with the aim “of making the instrument more effective, avoiding abuses and saving resources to allocate them to tax cuts”. A way as any to say, “I set the priorities, not the ministers.” Together, the leader launches an unprecedented “programmatic assembly” to be held by the end of the year in the capital. The goal is to involve all party representatives: mayors, governors, parliamentarians, MEPs, government members. And “catechize” them on the battles that await the League in 2022.

Salvini knows that his leadership is not at risk and there are none on the horizon contenders. But in the management of the political line the interventions of Giorgetti and sometimes of the governors can have a not negligible weight. Hence the relaunch, in order not to leave room for maneuver.

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