goodbye to the Lazio football bomber

goodbye to the Lazio football bomber
goodbye to the Lazio football bomber

After thousands of battles won on the field, he gave up. Cristian’s heart Parisi, 38 years old and former striker well known in football Lazio (ex Focene, Fiumicino and Guidonia), has stopped. The damage of the road accident 12 days ago in Rome is too serious via Ostiense at number 104, when his Fiat 500 collided with a Fiat Panda in which there was a 24 year old who was injured.

Rome, accident in via Ostiense: boy dies after collision between Atac car and bus

The accident

Cristian worked at SIAE and was returning from work at the time of the accident: to reconstruct the dynamics, still under investigation, the agents of the VIII Tintoretto group, beached by the local police command. It had been transported in code red to the St. Camillus but his condition immediately seemed serious. Having entered a pharmacological coma, he was admitted to intensive care. A few days ago some signs that had given the whole family and loved ones hope well, then the farewell.

The messages of Condolence on social networks

Many messages of condolence on social media, especially from the many opponents faced in his career in Lazio football: “When as a kid in the youth Fiumicino you came to train with us, you literally “wrap” it to everyone – Marco writes on Facebook -. I was enchanted by your fast technique, your creativity, but above all by your smile that was never missing, neither on the pitch nor off. So, at the end of training, I liked to stop and dribble with you, to kick with a weak foot, to have fun and try to improve. From there I baptized you my ‘Pupillo’. When we met around stadiums, like a month ago in Florence where you were following your Inter, the affection and esteem were stronger than ever. I can’t accept that you are gone, because it’s not fair. It is not right that such a good, cheerful, smiling, calm, always affectionate, always so sensitive boy should leave. It is not fair that you can no longer give your sweet little girl the love that only a dad can give. I am honored to have met you on my journey, and to have admired you as a footballer and as a boy ». Condolences came from all the clubs in which he played and also from the opposing clubs that challenged him. The family signed the consent for organ donation.


goodbye Lazio football bomber

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