‘Ndrangheta, the Morandi bridge in Catanzaro seized. Poor maintenance materials used: 4 stops

‘Ndrangheta, the Morandi bridge in Catanzaro seized. Poor maintenance materials used: 4 stops
‘Ndrangheta, the Morandi bridge in Catanzaro seized. Poor maintenance materials used: 4 stops

Four people were arrested, three in prison and one under house arrest, in the “Brooklyn” operation conducted by the Guardia di Finanza of Catanzaro, with the coordination of the Dda of the capital, and focused on the maintenance work of the “Bisantis” viaduct, known as Morandi bridge in Catanzaro, and the Sansinato tunnel on Statale 280of the two seasthat led to the evidential seizure of the same bridge and the Sansinato gallery. Investigations made it possible to acquire serious clues against two entrepreneurs operating in the construction and road works sector, which, aware of the risk of incurring financial prevention measures, have set up companies by fictitiously registering them to one of their collaborators, while maintaining de facto control. One of these companies was awarded the extraordinary maintenance work for the restoration of the concrete of the Morandi bridge and the reconstruction of the retaining walls of a section of the Strada Statale 280 «dei Due Mari».

Serial scammer denounced by the Orvieto Police. For his “sales” online he passed himself off as a policeman

The investigative activity outlined a serious circumstantial framework, against the entrepreneurs, “de facto” owners of the contractor of the works, who due to financial problems, with the complicity of the construction manager and an engineer from Anas , they would have used a type of mortar of poor quality, but cheaper than the one initially used. Furthermore, it emerged that the two entrepreneurs belong to criminal associations that had already emerged as part of the «Low Profile» operation, and aimed at the commission of tax crimes, money laundering, self-laundering, reuse and fraudulent transfer of values. Among the suspects reached by the precautionary measure in prison there is also an inspector of the Guardia di Finanza, already involved in the “Rinascita-Scott” operation, now under investigation for corruption in judicial acts and disclosure of official secrecy for acts committed while on duty to the Dda of Catanzaro. The soldier, in carrying out delegated investigations on the two entrepreneurs, in exchange for various kinds of benefits, did his best to mitigate the position of the two, constantly informing them of the development of the procedure against them.

As part of the investigation that led to the execution of six precautionary measures against entrepreneurs, the Public Prosecutor of Catanzaro ordered the seizure, with the right of use, of the “Bisantis” viaduct, known as the Morandi bridge in Catanzaro, and of the Sansinato tunnel on Statale 280 dei due mari, in order to carry out technical investigations. An Anas engineer was banned from exercising the profession (6 months) and a surveyor (9 months). The investigating judge also ordered the preventive seizure of three construction companies and over 200 thousand euros as a profit from the alleged crimes.

The position of the Anas

«In relation to the investigations on the maintenance works of the Morandi bridge and the Sansisato tunnel on Statale 280 “dei due Mari” in Catanzaro, which led to the seizure with the right to use the works and the issue of precautionary measures, Anas is providing all the necessary collaboration with the investigating authorities. Anas confirms the static safety of the works, since the seizure concerns the rehabilitation of some portions of the infrastructures, without impacting the viability. Both works are open to traffic», Anas explains in a note.

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