Elden Ring, 15 minutes of unprecedented gameplay to pass the wait

Elden Ring, 15 minutes of unprecedented gameplay to pass the wait
Elden Ring, 15 minutes of unprecedented gameplay to pass the wait

The days go by and Elden Ring approaches, and in the meantime From Software he does us the courtesy of slowly showing us some elements of the expected title.

There are two things that From Software fans are looking forward to, namely a sequel to Bloodborne ed From hand Ring, that right away promised to revolutionize the genre.

The title has been postponed, unfortunately, but not by much, and you will have to wait a little longer for get your hands on Elden Ring.

A few weeks ago we had seen a new gameplay video of the title, stolen somewhere with a handful of seconds that had enticed the fans.

But now comes the time to enjoy the other gameplay, totally unpublished, published directly by From Software.

This is a 15 minute clip, which the software house will show very soon,

= from From hand Ring.

The appointment is for 3:00 pm on November 4th, when the movie is published online.

In addition to the duration already disclosed, we do not know anything about the content of the gameplay video, if it will focus on specific aspects or it will be generic.

In addition to the YouTube premiere that you find above, you can connect to the Bandai Namco Twitch channel at the preset time so as not to miss anything.

Obviously we recommend that you connect on time so as not to miss anything on the expected game, but in case you have to miss the appointment we will take care of updating you.

The postponement of Elden Ring has meant that at its release there will be too many video games, during the month of February, a big problem for gamers.

We recently have some in our special, because in February 2022 the purchasing power of players will be put to the test.

With regard to Elden Ring, the From Software title could make things easier in February, because it will be more affordable than the other soulslike ones.

Elden Ring is the next big title from From Software, you can book it on Amazon right away!

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