New restrictions in the Netherlands, violence and arrests at the No Green Pass demonstration

In an attempt to stop the increase in Covid-19 cases, the Dutch government has decided on a further tightening, just one week after the last, by expanding the mandatory use of masks and the Green pass. During the announcement of the new measures, hundreds of people protested outside the building of the Ministry of Justice in The Hague, in a demonstration in which there were throwing of stones and objects against the police who arrested 13 people.

He was the prime minister, Mark Rutte, to announce last night that starting from November 6th the use of the Green pass will become mandatory not only for restaurants and bars inside, but also outside and now also in museums and gyms. Masks will also be mandatory again in all public buildings and shops, as well as in train stations and airports. Students will also need to wear them when moving between classes and they will again be mandatory for people working in contact professions such as hairdressers, but not prostitutes. “It will not surprise anyone that we have a difficult message. Infections and hospital admissions are increasing rapidly,” Rutte said in presenting the squeeze, after the Dutch government lifted a number of restrictions just a month ago, including the distance of one and a half meters, and since then the cases have increased reaching a level of risk that the premier has defined “serious”. “It all depends on your behavior,” said Rutte, recalling that in the last week infections have increased by 39 percent and hospitalizations by 31, returning to levels not recorded since last May, so much so that many hospitals have been forced to cancel. hundreds of interventions.

In his speech, Rutte also appealed for calm in the highly polarized debate between supporters and opponents of the measures to counter the spread of Covid-19. “We have to do it together”, he said, asking to have “some understanding for each other’s opinion and for every situation, behaving mildly towards one another”. But as he uttered these words outside the government building, the demonstration against the new measures took on rather heated tones, with some of the demonstrators confronting the police with stone throwing and various objects, and the police who have dispersed the demonstrators charging with batons. Eventually 13 people were taken to the plant.

In the Netherlands, there have been 102 deaths from Covid in the past week and cases have been increasing rapidly for weeks. The country’s institute of public health reported that confirmed infections increased 39 percent from the previous week and hospital admissions increased 31 percent with a 20 percent increase in the number of ICU patients. And Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said the Rivm Public Health Institute expects the number of ICU patients to double the current total by mid-December. “We cannot allow the number of Covid patients to increase too much,” he said. “The more doctors are busy treating coronavirus patients, the less there are available for other types of care,” he said, noting that “most patients are not vaccinated and would not need to be there if they were” .


restrictions Netherlands violence arrests Green Pass demonstration

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