Supermarket card: Here are the risks involved

Let’s see together why it would be better not to have a supermarket card, everything you need to know.

Supermarket card: what are the risks of having it?

The supermarket card it is the first thing we are asked for when we are at the checkout, and if of course it is with you, you deliver it.

From then on ci pass some discounted products, but some of us do not ask for it simply because they are afraid to disclose all our personal data.

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But is it really so? If we make the supermarket card, can we incur some risk for our privacy?

Loyalty Card: Is It Worth Having It?

You are also often given gifts for Christmas, or for your birthday, but how do they know? You indicated it in the form you filled out.

Some cards allow you to only have discounts on shopping, while others also have agreements with other businesses, or you can win prizes.

But for some reason in the form they want to know all our data, if they only have to give us a few cents discount?

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By passing it every time, we not only know how often we shop but also what we buy.

By doing it this way, they can understand the target lot, and they can also make special offers based on this information.

Our information can therefore be used without our knowledge without us really knowing.

The supermarket must guarantee some basic principles, namely:

  • the obligation to provide adequate information to activate the Fidelity card;
  • allow the free choice of the consumer to join or not
  • the obligation to seek consent for the profiling and for the activity of direct marketing
Card here is what happens by giving all our personal data

The customer must therefore always be informed about everything he is signing and what happens after he joins the project, especially if we are adhering to information for marketing or for the study of our personal data.

So after all this information what do you decide to do? Will you continue to ask for the loyalty card in a shop or supermarket or have you changed your mind?

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