Shocking British Medical Journal Study ▷ “Integrity Problems Reported in Trial Data”

Shocking British Medical Journal Study ▷ “Integrity Problems Reported in Trial Data”
Shocking British Medical Journal Study ▷ “Integrity Problems Reported in Trial Data”

Possible adverse effects of the vaccine not taken into account and insufficient testing. These are the foundations of a shocking article published in the important medical journal British Medical Journal (The BMJ). The investigation was carried out by the American scientific and investigative journalist Paul D. Thacker. Research carried out by Thacker would show serious deficiencies in the analysis of possible adverse effects of the Pfizer vaccine. The BMJ article is part of an even less transparent scenario if we consider the additional publications produced by the prestigious magazine Nature in which, in this case on the Chinese vaccine, possible complications deriving from the vaccine serum are indicated.

Fabio Duranti in preview it presents to Francesco Vergovich e Alessandro Meluzzi the shocking vaccine study by American journalist Paul D. Thacker in the British Medical Journal.

Duranti: “It’s an article of impressive gravity”

“We ask people to go and look at this article on the British Medical Journal (The BMJ) website. The article is by Paul D. Thacker, an American science and investigative journalist of the highest level. What he wrote is shocking, he tells us that there was no investigation into the adverse effects and whoever took the liberty of reporting it to the authorities, lighting a light bulb on this story, was brutally fired. This article is of awesome gravity, it came out yesterday. In order to market this vaccine in a rush, they did not take into account the experimentation.

Adverse effects were not taken into account. It is published in the British Medical Journal (The BMJ). Nature also publishes an article on consistent physio-pathological variations after vaccination. The latter refers, we specify, to the Chinese vaccine but at least on this the Chinese are transparent

The tragic testimony of Meluzzi: “This story cries out for revenge”

“I want to tell the story of a priest, Don Raffaele, who was heart disease. Before giving him an electrocardiogram they give him a Covid swab, he had no symptoms but they tell him it was positive. They bring him to the Covid unit, after trying to escape the celery and after 48 hours they intubate him and last night he died. The bishop of his diocese said he could not celebrate the public funeral because Covid-19 died. The local village newspapers wrote: ‘No Vax priest died because he was not vaccinated’. This is the country we live in. This story cries out for revenge, this is how our country is reduced “


Shocking British Medical Journal Study Integrity Problems Reported Trial Data

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